Patro Feedback vol.2

We become indebted to.

I'm Sekiyuna from the PATOLO group.


↓The previous article “We have started publishing feedback” received a lot of feedback.

I'm thinking of continuing with the second part.

We have started posting feedback


As I have said many times, when a man says to a woman, ``That was nice'' or ``He was a gentleman,'' or vice versa.

We have omitted the common simple reviews such as "I had a great time", and have no idea what the date was like or what the person was like.

I will only publish things that are as real as you can imagine.



than women







than men








Good FB of other member stores





Well, there are various encounters and ways of feeling, which is helpful.


The strange thing is

Sometimes women get a perfect score, but men get 2-3 stars.

Even though there is a strong temperature difference, you are not making the other person feel it.

I'm surprised by this case.


Generally speaking, if a man has a rating of 3 stars, the woman he is dating will also have a rating of 2.3 stars.

I think that the atmosphere can be conveyed, and that people can sometimes become a mirror of themselves.


I don't feel any sweat on the spot.

I realized that there are men and women who can respond by saying, ``The other person probably likes me, too.''

It's surprising, and if that happens, you won't hurt the other person's feelings.

I felt that I might be able to part ways amicably, or I might be able to decline the offer.


We will continue to upload a lot of feedback during March.

We look forward to working with you in the future.



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