Dating on PATOLO
Do you still rely solely on dating clubs?

In the current world, there are apps, SNS, and dating clubs as methods to use when seeking encounters.
Each has its merits, but of course there are also drawbacks.
PATOLO compared them and incorporated the better side"Take the best"doing.
We have prepared a list below, so please take a look.



Dating club

Dad activity app

Safety 5.0

Safety is ensured by interviewing both men and women.If you can't prove your identity, you can't register before using it.As for safety, it is evaluated as having no problems.


We ensure safety by interviewing both men and women.If you can't prove your identity, you can't register before using it.As for safety, it is evaluated as having no problems.


Because it is highly anonymous, it is easy to register, but basically it is easy to handle, so troubles are likely to occur.

Has a student satisfaction rate of 5.0

Like a dating club, by selecting carefully selected members, it is easy to find your ideal partner.


Only high-quality women and wealthy men are allowed to join, so the satisfaction level is high when you actually meet them.


It is easy for men who are mentally and financially stressed to register because the photos are different from the actual product and because it is easy to register.Satisfaction is often unsatisfactory.


No admission fee is required, but there is a fixed monthly fee and the setting itself costs money, but it is easy to get the results you want.


Due to the fee setting targeting the wealthy class, there are basically many high-priced dating clubs.Since an admission fee is required, the initial cost is quite high.


Most of the apps are monthly subscriptions and can be used for less than 5000 yen.There is no charge for setting.

speed 5.0

It is also possible to ask the concierge of the member store to set it up, and you can also immediately match the talk by yourself.Since you can choose, you can also be flexible.


In some cases, we can meet on the same day, but basically we have to go through the concierge and we can't do it until we meet directly, so it's less smooth.


As long as you have a smartphone, you can meet someone you like.It can be said that meeting on the same day is the biggest advantage of meeting with an app that allows you to meet if the conditions are met (there is no guarantee of quality).

Peace of mind 5.0

By having a concierge, you can rely on them without any problems.In order to prevent troubles from occurring, we have also built a system that allows PATOLO to handle transportation expenses.


The concierge, who acts as an intermediary, basically handles encounters between men and women, so there is a sense of security, and troubles are less likely to occur.


When it comes to troubles, there is no one to intervene, so you have to solve them yourself.It can be said that it is self-responsibility whether you can feel safe.

Membership 4.0

Since it is a platform, the participation of many affiliated stores can secure the number of people that could not be achieved in a dating club, expand the range of choices, and increase the number of encounters.


Due to the fact that we have carefully selected women and men joining, the number of people joining is quite small.Whether to shoot quality or take quantity, I emphasize quality.


Since the system structure makes it easy to register, there are tens of thousands of people joining the app if it is an app that does not have any screening.

Average score 4.7
★★★★ ☆

Evaluation from the user's point of view, such as ease of use, safety and security, because it is a good combination of dating clubs and apps.Since it is a system that can be selected by oneself, the range of use is widened.

★★★ ☆☆

If you are looking for quality, it is definitely a dating club, but it also has the disadvantage of not being able to match the number and speed of choosing women.

★★★ ☆☆

Although you can easily and speedily meet the other party under your own responsibility, troubles are likely to occur.No one will support you if it happens.

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