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You can start without trying

You don't have to work hard to start dating.
First of all, please come to the interview for registration and express your concerns to the person in charge.
I'm sure you'll follow up and make suggestions as much as possible.
We are rooting for your challenge to take a step forward with courage.

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  • application
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Please apply for membership from "Talent application" at the bottom.An interview is required for admission, and the member store staff will conduct the interview.Please specify your preferred interview date and time.

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  • From interview adjustment to confirmation
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The member store staff will act as an intermediary and coordinate with the desired date and time for talent registration.We will contact you as soon as the interview schedule is decided.We will also contact you regarding the location of the interview.

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  • the day of the interview
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On the day of the interview, we will register your profile and take photos and videos during the interview.This is an important registration process to receive offers from supporters.

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  • PATOLO account issuance
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As soon as the registration work is completed, PATOLO will send the "login information" to the individual talent.Please log in from there to complete the registration.

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  • Session start
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There are cases where we receive a session offer from a supporter, and cases where a reverse offer is made by the talent himself (for a fee).All encounters start with an offer and will be the first step in fulfilling the dream of the talent himself.

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