How a certain member store moves in a day

I have already run a dating club and have been interested in the matching business for men and women for a long time.
The first point to worry about if you are thinking of starting an independent business, starting a business, or starting a side business,
I don't know what kind of schedule and what kind of movement I will do when I actually start the PATOLO business.
It was that.
PATOLO is a business that can be started without special experience or qualifications.
In running a business, I think it is very important to plan how to carry out day-to-day activities.
I think that understanding your daily activities and making plans will make it easier for your business to get started.
Therefore, this time, we would like to talk about the day-to-day movements of agents who are actually involved in matching operations as member stores.
I would like to introduce you.


As a general daily pattern, I organized it into a daily schedule and a weekly schedule.

Daily schedule

daily schedule

schedule memo

The business hours are from 11:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX so that it can cover the time when there are many dates during the day and night.
As for work, I have an office near the area where there are many dates.
It's rare, but in case of an emergency, he seems to be trying to rush.
In addition, places where there are many date meetings are inevitably places with good access for male and female members, so they contracted an office thinking that they would be able to handle new interviews smoothly.
After going to work, the first thing I do is check my email.We will start responding to emails that arrive after business hours from midnight to morning.
It's easier to get appointments for interviews in the afternoon, so I'll finish matching work such as emails by then and prepare for interviews.
At night, it becomes very dark, making it difficult to take pictures.
Therefore, if possible, we try to accept appointments for women's interviews during times when natural light is available.
If it's not convenient for women, we can handle it even at night, but after all, if the photo is bad, it will be difficult to apply for a date, which is not good for women, and it will not lead to sales of setting fees.
When it comes to daytime and nighttime dates, I tend to have more dates at night, so at 18:19 or XNUMX:XNUMX, I'm worried about whether the meeting will go smoothly and I'm nervous.
However, since everyone is basically meeting without any problems, it is rare for something to happen.
In the unlikely event that the other party does not come, we will do our best to respond by making full use of phone calls and emails.
The business will end at 20:XNUMX, and the business will end.
If I want to, I can read my emails at home, but doing so doesn't give my body or brain a rest, so I try to get away from work as much as possible after work to prepare for the next day.
That's why I spend my time reading business books, researching topics that interest me, and doing things that lead to my growth.
In the evening, you may have dinner with members.
Many of our men join us through referrals, so we are happy to have our existing members enjoy themselves and be satisfied, leading to future business negotiations at such dinners.

XNUMX week schedule

1 week schedule

schedule memo

As a result of trying various things, Saturdays and Sundays have the fewest appointments for dates, emails, and interviews, so Saturdays and Sundays are closed.
If there are people who find it difficult to interview only on Saturdays and Sundays, I try to respond flexibly.
Basically, the movement of work on weekdays has a fixed rhythm.
Among them, irregular ones are handled while adjusting each time.

Revenue model

Every month there are people who withdraw from the membership and new members who are new members.
I think about half of them use it about once a month.
Due to the small scale, there are many order dates that we will adjust the schedule due to the connection between people.
We also charge an agent fee each time.

Estimated monthly sales

Estimated monthly sales

point memo

Other expenses include the rent of the apartment office rented as an office, water and utility costs, Internet connection and work mobile phone charges, etc., totaling about 15 yen per month.
We have not hired any staff so far, and we do outsource web design and other work, but there are no fixed personnel costs.
After deducting fixed costs, the gross profit is about 115 yen.
As for other unexpected expenses, we may bear the cost of a dinner with a member, or we may purchase a gift to apologize for a trouble.I also spend irregularly on expenses related to photography for female profiles, such as cameras, camera peripherals, and costumes for female photography.

How to attract customers

I can't use general advertisements, so I don't spend money directly on attracting customers at the moment.

Most of our male members are introduced.
We often get referrals from existing members that lead to new members.

After that, I have created and set up a website, so I sometimes receive inquiries about new memberships from there.
I thought that the beautiful appearance and quality of the website would lead to a sense of security, so I didn't make it myself, but outsourced it.

In many cases, women keep in touch with each other through SNS, etc., and even register.
I feel that there is a limit to attracting customers on my own between other work such as setting work, but I use my Twitter and Instagram accounts to update daily and at the same time tweet and post content related to papa activities. We are steadily continuing our activities to find people who are doing this and contact them.
Occasionally, an acquaintance's night-time food and drink connection may introduce me.It's kind of like, when someone says, "I want to do daddy activities," I'll give it back to you.I don't have a contract like that.

Also, not only night entertainment such as cabaret clubs, but also ordinary bars and other restaurants sometimes talk about "I want to meet you", and sometimes I get introduced by such acquaintances.
I'm not particularly doing activities to increase connections with new restaurants or food businesses, but I think that the connections that were originally there are becoming more active.

Word-of-mouth or word-of-mouth referrals give the person being introduced a strong sense of security. I am careful.