PATOLO's original features

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PATOLO has many original functions.
A “reverse offer” function that allows women to offer men, and a word-of-mouth function that allows you to see past evaluations of men.
Various PATOLO original functions will surely help your matching life.

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Women can search for other male members

It is possible to search for SUPPORTER males from females in PATOLO.It is also possible to search by narrowing down search conditions such as date available area.You can view the profile by tapping the man you are interested in from the list.

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You can also see past reviews by men

After the date, both the TALENT female and the SUPPORTER male will send feedback after the date.It is possible to view previous ratings and reviews in advance.

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Tip will be paid by PATOLO

Tips are accumulated as points after the date, not handed by the man at the time of the date.If you apply, PATOLO will pay by bank transfer on the 15th of the following month.

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Unlimited use of chat

Even after dating, you can continue to use PATOLO chat as a contact.Don't worry if you don't want to share your private contacts.Exchanging phone numbers or other contact information in chat is prohibited.

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Male profiles are screened by member stores

At PATOLO, you will always be a member after an interview with a member store.An agent who is a member store staff interviews directly and creates a profile.Don't be bothered by fake user profiles of malicious users lurking in your app.

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Yes, this is a gathering of dating clubs.

PATOLO has multiple dating clubs, so there is no need to go to various places for interviews.You can directly talk to SUPPORTER men who belong to each member store and dating club.

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Females can request dates from males

PATOLO has a function called "reverse offer" that allows you to apply for a date from a woman instead of just waiting for a date application from a man.In the case of a reverse offer, the TALENT woman must bear any amount between 1,000 yen and 10,000 yen.

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Private mode to turn off the display

For example, I met a good person, so I want to take a break from new encounters for a while.In such cases, you can set private mode from My Page. You will not be able to be searched by SUPPORTER men or see your profile page.Chat is available.

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You can block specific opponents.

Sometimes you may want to block someone you were dating but you feel uncomfortable breaking up with.In such a case, you can block the other party from the chat screen.Blocked people won't appear in searches for each other, and you won't be able to see their profile or chat.As a point of caution, you cannot unblock it yourself, so carefully decide whether you really want to block it.

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