at low risk
Get automatic earnings

"I want to start a business, but I'm worried about the risk"
"I don't want to spend money"
"I want to do a side job, but I don't have enough time."
Do you have any worries about such a job?
PATOLO is a low-risk, high-return stock business that can be started with a small capital.


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  • As the industry continues to grow,
    Perfect timing to enter!

You don't have to spend huge amounts of money on advertising or open more local branches to reach new customers.
With PATOLO, you can share member store member data and set up with other member store members.
Local clubs and app businesses, including those in the Tokyo metropolitan area, are also planning to join, so it is possible to have members all over the country as customers.
Even for affiliated stores with few affiliated members, the profit opportunities per member are multiplied.
Please be assured that personal information such as the real name and contact information of affiliated members cannot be viewed from other member stores.

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  • Even a single customer can be profitable through the cooperation of member stores
    You can even start online!

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  • Stable operation with automatic profit system
    You can manage your time freely according to your lifestyle!

PATOLO has an automatic setting function that allows members to directly apply for dates.
Merchants can earn profits without any effort.
In the case of traditional intermediary setting, the setting fee becomes 100% of the merchant's profit, so
While retaining the benefits of a high-earning dating club, we have achieved the best of the automatic earnings of the app.

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  • No age or experience required.

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