This agreement is the terms of use of all services related to PATOLO (hereinafter referred to as "this site") provided by Universe Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is what determinesAll member stores (as defined in Article 2 (1)) who use this service must read this agreement carefully and agree to the full text of this agreement and the membership agreement of this service. Please use it.

Article 1 (Use of this service)

Member stores are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this agreement by using this service.
These Terms will then become a binding contract between you and us.

Article 2 (Definition)

In this Agreement, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

  1. Merchant
  2. Satisfy the examination criteria prescribed by the Company and match members in this service
  3. Agent
  4. Staff belonging to member stores who match members in this service
  5. Member
  6. Any person who has registered personal information (defined in the next section) and other information (hereinafter referred to as "member registration") for the purpose of using this service.
  7. Personal Information
  8. Information related to members, etc. obtained in the course of providing this service, which can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, or other description contained in the information (easy to match with other information including those that can identify a specific individual.)

Article 3 (Revision and change of this agreement)

The Company may change or add to these Terms on the Website for Member Stores if there is a reasonable reason that the Company deems it necessary.We will inform Member Stores of the contents of these Terms after the change and the effective date by displaying them on the Service or by other means prescribed by the Company as necessary.
By using this service after the change of this agreement, the member store is deemed to have agreed to the change of this agreement.

Article 4 (Notice from our company)

The Company will notify Member Stores of matters necessary for the use of the Service by posting on the Site or other methods and to the extent that the Company deems appropriate.
The notice set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be effective from the time the Company posts the content of the notice on the Site.

Article 5 (Contents of this service)

The contents of this service are as follows.
This service is a service platform that supports the search for partners between men and women over the age of XNUMX.
The specifications of this service shall be determined separately by the Company.
The Company may make changes such as improvements, additions, deletions, etc. to the specifications of the Service, and Members shall consent to this in advance.
The Company will make efforts within a commercially reasonable range to provide useful information to members regarding the information obtained through the use of this service. We do not guarantee any other matters such as performance improvement.
The Company does not guarantee that the male and female members introduced by the Company will necessarily meet the wishes of the individual.
In addition, the Company does not provide any guarantee for the following items.
Furthermore, even if a member obtains information regarding this service directly or indirectly from the Company, the Company does not provide any guarantees to the member beyond what is stipulated in these Terms. .

  1. The use of this service will not cause any problems or failures in the usage environment.
  2. that the Service is accurate and complete;
  3. Perpetual operation of the Service

Article 6 (Intellectual property rights, etc.)

All copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual property rights, etc.") of the contents, designs, etc. related to this service belong to the Company or persons designated by the Company.

Article 7 (Change/Suspension/Abolition)

In the following cases, the Company may change, suspend, or abolish the Service without prior notice, and shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Member Store as a result.
  1. When performing inspection or maintenance work for equipment necessary for providing this service
  2. When computers, communication lines, etc. stop due to an accident
  3. If the Service cannot be provided due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, epidemic of infectious disease, etc.
  4. When backing up data necessary for providing this service
  5. When the Company reasonably determines that suspension or interruption of the Service is necessary
  6. Other unavoidable cases due to operational or technical reasons

Article 8 (Handling of personal information)

"privacy policy"It is described in

Article 9 (Prohibited acts)

  1. Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, or other rights or interests of the Company, members, other member stores, or other third parties (acts that directly or indirectly cause such infringement including)
  2. If the member store (agent) is convicted of a crime during the contract period. However, if the possibility of a crime is suggested, the management site will be frozen, and if innocence is not proven within three months, the person will be expelled.
  3. Acts that interfere with the use of other member stores, or acts that are likely to do so
  4. Acts of transmitting information containing computer viruses or other harmful computer programs
  5. Unauthorized access to the hardware or software that constitutes the Service, cracking, or other acts that interfere with facilities, etc.
  6. Acts of falsifying information that can be used in connection with this service
  7. Acts that may interfere with the operation of the Service by the Company
  8. Acts of using information, etc. of other member stores or acts of attempting to obtain such information
  9. Acts of providing benefits to antisocial forces, etc.
  10. Acts of using the contents of this service for purposes other than the purpose of using this service
  11. Acts that violate these Terms
  12. Other acts that we deem inappropriate

If the Company determines that the act of transmitting information by a member store (agent) in the Service falls under or may fall under any of the items of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not notify the member store in advance and shall may be deleted in whole or in part, and the use of this service may be refused.The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Member Stores as a result of measures taken by the Company under this paragraph.

Article 10 (Exclusion of antisocial forces)

The Member Store declares to the Company that it does not currently fall under the category of an organized crime group, an associate member of an organized crime group, a company affiliated with an organized crime group, or a corporate racketeer, etc., and that it does not fall under any of the following items, and will not fall under any of the following items in the future. I assure you.
  1. Having a relationship in which an organized crime group member, etc. is recognized to control management
  2. Having a relationship in which an organized crime group member, etc. is deemed to be substantially involved in management
  3. Having a relationship that is recognized as unfairly using organized crime group members, etc.
  4. Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to organized crime group members, etc.
  5. An officer or a person who is substantially involved in management has a socially condemnable relationship with an organized crime group member, etc.
Members promise to the Company that they will not engage in any of the following acts by themselves or by using a third party.
  1. Violent demands
  2. Unreasonable request beyond legal liability
  3. Actions that use threatening behavior or violence in relation to transactions
  4. Acts of disseminating rumors, damaging the other party's credibility or obstructing the other party's business by using fraudulent means or force
  5. Other acts that conform to the preceding items
It turns out that the member falls under any of the items of Paragraph 1, or falls under any of the items in Paragraph 1, acts that fall under any of the items in the preceding Paragraph, or has made a false statement regarding representations and promises based on the provisions of Paragraph XNUMX. In this case, the Company may terminate the provision of the Service without notice to the Member.
The member confirms and accepts that the Company is not responsible for any damages incurred by the member if the Company cancels the provision of this service in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

Article 11 (Responsibilities of member stores)

The Merchant shall promptly pay the agent renewal fees, chargeback or cancellation fees, damages, and other fees payable to the Company pursuant to these Terms upon request by the Company.
If payment is not made by a member store without justifiable reason, the Company will request another member store with the same representative or an individual or corporation that has a clear relationship with the member store, such as having a common de facto controller. shall be able to do so.
Member stores shall comply with Article 4 (Application) and Article 25 (Registration and Notification with the Association) of the "Membership Terms and Conditions" established by the Company.
Member stores shall respond appropriately to members based on the "Membership Terms and Conditions" established by the Company.

Article 12 (Cancellation of Membership Agreement, etc.)

If a member store wishes to cancel a member contract, it may do so by submitting a request via the Company's designated web form at least 60 days prior to the desired date of cancellation.
In the event that a member store closes its business or cancels its membership, the member store shall confirm the intention of the member to continue using PATOLO by the cancellation date, and respond to the member who does not wish to continue (refund, etc.).The member will be transferred to another affiliated store designated by the member himself/herself, or if no designation is made by the deadline, the member will be transferred to a store directly managed by the head office.You will need to re-register with the new member store.
The Patro Operations Headquarters may unilaterally cancel the Membership Agreement on the same day if the Membership violates Articles 9 and 10, or if it determines that the Membership is inappropriate.In that case, the male and female members belonging to the affiliated store will be forced to switch to headquarters side registration, and the collection of monthly membership fees will also switch to headquarters management.If the expelled member store has credits and debts to the member, the head office will bill it, or offset it from the payment amount or the deposit, and the head office will settle the account with the member.
If a member store that falls under Article 11, Paragraph 3, and operates multiple branches of the same company, all branches of the same company will be subject to cancellation.

Article 13 (Transfer of Status)

Member Stores may not transfer or inherit their status in using the Service or the rights or obligations based on these Terms to a third party without prior consent from the Company.In addition, in the event that the Company transfers the business related to this Service to another company, the Company shall transfer the contractual status based on these Terms, rights and obligations based on these Terms, information on member stores, and other customer information due to the transfer of business. It may be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer, and the member store shall agree to such transfer in advance in this section.Please note that the business transfer specified in this section includes not only normal business transfers, but also company splits and other cases where business is transferred.

Article 14 (Court with Jurisdiction)

All disputes relating to the Terms and the use of this service shall be handled by the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.