1. Overview

We will explain the necessary procedures for starting a matching business and a dating club.

Please note that you must notify the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission (the chief of the police station that has jurisdiction over each location) at least 10 days prior to the day you plan to open your business.

These ordinances are aimed at protecting children, and include rules such as "no customers under the age of 18," "regulations on advertising," and "regulations on areas where business offices are set up."

Please note that if you operate a business without completing procedures and notifications, you will be subject to administrative penalties.
In addition, after submitting the notification, it is necessary to post a sign that says "Young people are prohibited from entering".

As of January 2023, the ordinance applies only to the Tokyo metropolitan area, so no notification is required for corporations or sole proprietors who have offices or sales offices in Tokyo and do not engage in matching business.

However, there will be changes in the future, the scope will be expanded, and it cannot be said that it will not be necessary nationwide. It is recommended that

2. Required documents and items

Below, we will guide you based on the case of notification in Tokyo.
The Metropolitan Police Department website states that the following documents and attachments are required.

【Required documents】

Date club business start notification form

[Attached documents (in the case of individual business)]

[Attached documents (in the case of individual business)]

3. Notification

Once you have completed the notification form and attached documents, submit it to the police station that has jurisdiction over the place where your business office is located.
If you have any questions about the procedure, you can also consult with the police station.

According to the website of the Metropolitan Police Department, you can also consult with the following contact regarding other general matters.

Metropolitan Police Department Safety Section Adult Entertainment Sales Section

Phone: 03-3581-4321 (Metropolitan Police Department representative)

4. About the date club business

When opening a date club (relationship club), you only need to submit a "date club business start notification form".
Dating clubs are business activities that match (intermediate relationships) between male and female customers.

Dating clubs also set up websites and create sites for members. We are here.

In addition, the so-called "meeting cafe", where encounters occur in a store, falls under "store-type sex-customs special business", and although notification is required under the Entertainment Business Act, it is a different type of business than a date club. increase.

Dating clubs (dating clubs) are legal membership services where men and women who become members meet freely through introductions.
I would appreciate it if you could follow the rules and strive for healthy business activities.

5. Offices and Sales Offices

In the "Date Club Business Commencement Notification Form", there are options to choose whether to notify as an office or as a sales office, but we will explain the difference between an office and a sales office.

The office is a place where customers (members) do not go in and out.
Sales offices are places where customers (members) come and go.

For example, if you only do clerical work at the place where you do business, there are no visitors, and you have interviews at an outside hotel lounge each time, it will be an office, and interviews and interviews will be held at the place where you are doing business. and take profile pictures, etc., and if there are visitors, it will be a sales office.

As a point of caution, when operating as a business office, it is necessary to confirm before the contract whether the owner's permission can be obtained at the time of the tenant's lease contract, and whether the area where the business office is located is not a prohibited area. Is required.

6. Regulatory considerations

There are a number of items that are mandatory for those who operate a dating club.

In addition to submitting the "date club business start notification form", "establishment of an employee list"
There are "no young people as customers, posting a sign near the entrance prohibiting the entry of young people" and "advertisement restrictions".

About regulation of advertisement, we cannot post advertisement thing in place that youth can see.
Leaflets and flyers cannot be used in most general places, and advertisements can only be made in places where young people are not allowed to enter, such as cabaret clubs, snack bars, and parlors.

Therefore, I think that basic sales activities will be activities using the Internet and SNS.

Also, please note that when outsourcing advertising, etc., the business operator is obligated to provide guidance so as not to violate regulations.

7. How to request an administrative scrivener, etc.

The PATOLO Division does not act on behalf of the "Date Club Business Start Notification Form", but you can ask an administrative scrivener who is familiar with amusement business permission and dating site opening etc.

Although it costs money, it may be better for busy owners than taking time and effort for the procedure because they can take care of the procedure for you.

Also, if you are going to establish a company or if you are going to start a business as a sole proprietor, you may be able to consult together, so why not consult with the nearest administrative scrivener office?

It seems that there are many offices that offer free consultations, so it may be a good idea to ask where you feel you can consult with more than one.
The cost is about 10 yen to 20 yen if you submit it as a business office by completing the "Date Club Business Start Notification Form".
For more details, we would appreciate it if you could check with the administrative scrivener you consulted.