Dating on PATOLO
Turn love into money, not your body

I'm sure there are people who say, "Anyway, Patro is one of the daddy activities apps, right?"
But this is not just a "meeting of a rich man and a nice woman".
It is possible to meet a “talent (female) full of ability” who wants to achieve something and a “supporter (male) who exists only for you” who can realize it and wants to support it from the bottom of his heart. The result is PATOLO.
What men want from women and what women want from men differ from person to person, but we hope that the two of you can decide what is necessary for you and make your dreams come true. increase.

Flow after registration

After the review, we will send you the login information for the member page within one week.The activity will start when you log in for the first time.If you are not logged in, it will not be displayed in the member list, so please be sure to check.Please check the "Membership Agreement" displayed first and set up your profile.

Auto date OR order date

There are two types of dates. "Auto date" and "order date". In "auto date", the male and female members directly communicate with each other by chat and proceed with the date schedule adjustment, whereas in "order date", the agent will adjust the schedule until the date.

For autodate

Dating on PATOLO

For order date

Dating on PATOLO

Date day flow

Dating on PATOLO

On the day of the date, please join us using the message function and enjoy tea and meals.Please consult with the two of you for allowances when developing into a relationship, separate from the tip.After the date, please give us your feedback from the dating history in the app.We will also confirm the completion of the date, so thank you for your cooperation.If there is no response within 72 hours, it will be judged that there was no problem with the date, so please contact us as soon as possible if there is any problem.
If you cancel after the date schedule is confirmed, the settlement points will be returned.
Please apply for a tip transfer request from PATOLO's My Page.
Both evaluations will be published in the profile section, so please be careful not to leak personal information or slander.

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