Usage fee

Payment item Fee (tax included)
Registration fee Monthly plan
: 11,000 Yen
Annual plan
: 110,000Yen
(9,166 yen/month)
talent fee per woman
The amounts are different.
Adjustment fee
for each merchant
The amounts are different.
* Added only when using order date
Talent tip (transportation fee) ~ 20,000 up to yen
Amount set by women themselves

deposit system

by credit card payment
Advance point purchase system.
simple and reasonably pricedso,
Settings can be made.

For supporters, dating at the dating club may have been very expensive,
PATOLO introduces a reasonable fee system.
Emphasis on matching talents who pursue their dreams and supporters who support their dreams, regardless of profit.
The fee structure gives top priority to supporter members' easy-to-use form at any time.

Price (tax included) Key Points
110,000 Yen 110,000 pt

(Including 10,000pt bonus)

165,000 Yen 170,000 pt

(Including 20,000pt bonus)

220,000 Yen 240,000 pt

(Including 40,000pt bonus)

275,000 Yen 330,000 pt

(Including 80,000pt bonus)

330,000 Yen 400,000 pt

(Including 100,000pt bonus)

*Purchasing with designated points (1P = 1.1 yen) is also possible.

All transportation expenses (tips) go through PATOLO, so there is no direct interaction with women!

exchange diagram
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