This agreement is the terms of use of all services related to PATOLO (hereinafter referred to as "this site") provided by Universe Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is what determinesAll member stores (as defined in Article 2 (1)) using this service must read this agreement carefully and agree to the full text of this agreement before using this service. I will take it.

Article 1 Basic Philosophy of the Agent

Member Stores and Agents shall not engage in words or actions that may damage the credibility of PATOLO or other Member Stores.
*If we determine that you do not comply with our basic principles, or if you violate the following rules, we will revoke your agent qualification and claim damages.

Article 2 About admission explanation

Agents must explain the following when soliciting customers.

Confirmation of ID (age, real name)
Memorandum on Personal Information Protection
Membership AgreementImportant Matters

Please sign after agreeing to the above.

Article 3 Permission to Join

Whether or not to accept membership must be decided based on the principle of customer first and after examination according to the following criteria.

The client must be available for dating.
To be able to provide sufficient services that meet the terms of the contract with the customer.
If a customer becomes a member, there is no risk of causing trouble for other members.

Article 4 Member Registration

Membership information must be registered when conducting referral activities as a member.

Agents must ensure that members submit data and documents at the time of registration to ensure that there are no errors in the member profile.In addition, agents must manage such information responsibly and strive to protect privacy.
*It is prohibited to falsify things that cannot be changed, such as age or blood type, but this does not apply to posting occupations or profiles as long as they are true upon request from the person in question.Example: University student → student, doctor → medical worker, etc.
Agents should regularly check the member's profile, and if there are any changes, promptly correct the registered information and keep it up-to-date.
Duplicate registration of the same member is prohibited, and if the member who attempts to register already belongs to another member store, he/she will have to apply to the headquarters regardless of the membership status, except for registration (re-registration) within 30 days. shall be switched to a registered member store.
*If it is within 30 days, the headquarters will ask the user to select the affiliated store, and all affiliated stores will follow the user's decision.
Agents must not register as members other than the confirmation account issued by the headquarters (agents must not become members)
If discovered, the agent qualification and member store qualification shall be revoked.

Article 5 Confirmation of Information Provided

The member store public information should be confirmed at the time of registration as it will be communicated to the other party when an inquiry is received.

Article 6 Prohibited Matters for Members Affiliated with Other Member Stores

Members belonging to other member stores shall not do any of the following:

Giving or receiving business cards for the purpose of solicitation.
The act of asking for data that corresponds to personal information.
Do not solicit such as "recommending other member stores to join your store".
Creating a date without a request from a member.
*Example: Create a male member of another member store and a female member of your own member store without permission.etc

Article 7 Cancellation of dates

If the member cancels the promised date (accepted by the other party), it will be disclosed to the member as a cancellation rate, and the reputation of the member store will be lowered.
In addition, in malicious cases such as same-day cancellations or blackouts (cancellations without contact), penalties may be imposed on the member's affiliated store.

Article 8 Contact and evaluation of dates

If you know in advance that the contact regarding the date you are adjusting the schedule will be delayed, specify the date and time and try to make a smooth adjustment to notify the other party.
The date evaluation should be conducted on the same day or in the morning of the following day.Even if the evaluation is delayed, it must be done by 6:XNUMX pm the next day.

Article 9 Communication rules between agents

Telephone contact between agents shall be up to the business hours of each member store.

Article 10 Prohibition of Solicitation for Product Sales, Religion, etc.

Agents shall not solicit members or other agents to sell goods or engage in religious or investment activities.

Article 11 Agent's recess/withdrawal

If for some reason you decide to take a long-term leave of absence or close your business, be sure to contact PATOLO Headquarters.

Article 12 Precautions when recruiting members and placing advertisements

Comply with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Act on Premiums and Misleading Representations, Consumer Contract Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and other related laws and regulations.
When selecting a medium for advertising, carefully check the articles already published by the medium in advance and confirm that the trust of the industry and PATOLO is not significantly impaired.
When showing numbers that affect the customer's decision when joining, such as the number of registered members, specify (XNUMX) the source and (XNUMX) the time (when the data was) of the data.
Beware of hype.The law prohibits the use of expressions that may mislead general consumers into thinking that the product is significantly superior to other companies, such as the largest number in the industry or the largest in the region, and should be avoided.