Please apply for membership from "Supporter application" at the bottom.An interview is required for admission, and the member store staff will conduct the interview.Please specify your desired interview date and time.

2From interview adjustment to confirmation

From interview adjustment to confirmation

The member store staff will act as an intermediary and coordinate with the date and time requested by the supporter.We will contact you as soon as the interview schedule is decided.We will also contact you regarding the location of the interview.

3the day of the interview

the day of the interview

On the day of the event, you will be interviewed by staff.Before joining, the staff will explain the precautions for use and the rules to be observed.If you agree, we will confirm your identity, including signing the pledge.

4Payment of registration fee

Payment of registration fee

After the interview, you will be required to pay the registration fee when registering as a supporter.This payment itself is the beginning of your supporter life.It will be a turning point to solve not only the other person's dreams but also the problems you have yourself.

5PATOLO account issuance

PATOLO account issuance

As soon as the registration process is completed, PATOLO will send "login information" to individual supporters.Please log in from there and registration will be completed.

6Session start

Session start

You will be able to search among many talents according to your taste, and the supporters will offer you a session with the talent.You can also make offers through member stores and self-sessions where you can arrange your own schedule.

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