We have started posting feedback

Always I am indebted.

This is Sekiyuna from PATOLO support.



I usually tweet about what I like, but today I've introduced a new feature.

I would like to introduce the content to you.


yes, this


PATOLO date, feedback released


I started here.



The reason for outputting this is...

Both members and non-members

Isn't this what you're most concerned about?Because I thought so!


What is the marketing department if we don't communicate the things we care about the most?

So, here at Official X, we will be posting every day.



The purpose of publication is to inform you of the following.


  • What kind of encounters will you have in PATRO?
  • What kind of men and women are there?
  • How did you feel after actually going on a date?



So I want to deliver as much reality as possible.



And I think I'll attach the week's summary FB here.

It's a pain to follow the formula every hour of every day!

If so, please enjoy the digest we picked up here 🥺✨


Simple things like “It was fun!” or “You were a wonderful person”omitted,

I think I'll only post things that give me a certain image.


I can only imagine the pain of being chased by this post every day.

I will try to upload it every day and every week, so I would appreciate it if you could keep an eye on it.


Let's start ↓


3/11 (Monday) PICK UP!


than men






than women




(It's Monday, not Wednesday)






3/12 (Tue) PICK UP!


than men







than women









3/13(Wed) PICK UP!


than men







than women




For now, I chose 5 for each gender.

I'm at a loss as to how I'll publish it in the future. I would appreciate it if you could give me your opinion.

Please continue to check the X official website.


PATOLO official account




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