[Important] Notice regarding changes to service operation policy

Whom it may concern

Always I am indebted.
My name is Aso, and I am the manager of the PATOLO division.

Thank you for using PATOLO.
We have decided to change the concept of PATOLO from ``investing in women's talents'' to ``a matching app specializing in father activities.''


[Specific changes]

We have introduced new items such as the desired amount of allowance if the relationship develops, relationship conditions, sexual experience level, NG items, possible relationship schedule, and what you are looking for in a partner, and we are matching in a way that is specialized for father activities. make it possible.

*The image is an image created by our designer.



Early April: We will renew our official website and introduce a new concept to you.
May-June: New items will be added to the membership site, allowing you to match with more detailed profiles.
From July: We plan to improve the matching system using the added items and add other functions.
Additionally, we are moving forward with plans to replace the mandatory registration method through participating stores with an online registration feature that will be more easily accessible. This new feature is scheduled to be implemented in one year.


[Background of the concept change]

The current idea of ​​"investing in women's talent" is an attempt to move toward the next stage of fatherhood, where women can showcase their dreams and hopes and men who sympathize with them will support them, similar to crowdfunding. was.
However, it was difficult for us to understand, and it served as a place for "dad activities", limiting the expansion of functions.
In that case, I felt that we could provide a service that is easier for our members to use by leveraging our 10 years of experience operating the Universe Club and making it even more specialized for "dad activities."

It has been seven months since PATOLO started, and we are still able to operate thanks to the support of our franchisees and members.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We will continue to do our best to create an environment that makes it easy for everyone to become a father.
We look forward to your continued support.

PATOLO Division
Aso Adult

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