The process until a P active girl falls on a penis

Until the p-active girl falls on the dick

I found out that the keyword was ranked high,

I tried to find out why such a strong keyword is being searched so much.



"P-active girls tend to fall into n-po... until..."



I mutter as I type into the keyboard.


The mother of one suddenly came to her senses, wondering what she was doing.


Oh, it's dangerous, if you lose control of this job, you'll lose.

Heat builds up in my middle finger as I press the p of my dick.


search results. There are various media such as Fanza and Pixiv.

For now, I clicked on the button that appeared at the top of Google's recommendation that said hitomi nantoka.







Th-This is…! ! !


It's a naughty manga.

This is also a learning experience, so read it.

(I have no regrets at all)



Why, the main character, Pico-tan, has a boyfriend. (enviable)


And the setting is that girls who are dads who are active in search of high-end brands = girls who are girls who are dads.


Wow, the setting is very interesting.



Usually, she despises her uncle in her heart.


Although he is smiling, he is a character who continues to spit poison at the old man in his heart.


This is probably the key point.

I could understand it too, I could read it in one more page.


A woman who despises an old man in her heart may be blinded by money, or her emotional weakness may be taken advantage of, and she opens her arms out of sheer force rather than will.


You can read it, you can read it...! Kukukuku...! (Who)





Read next, press.

No, I read this with the conviction that it must be a good work.



Why does Pikotan write something like ``I close my pussy well'' on my profile?

Even if you write it in hiragana, it's not cute, it's not classy.


Come to think of it, since I gave birth to my child... It's nice to have big boobs.



2 for watching men masturbate.


Although Pico-tan doesn't have sex, he doesn't mind the idea of ​​being alone with him and looking at a man's penis.

After all, the inner voice inside this manga is extremely interesting.


When it comes to talking about uncircumcised dicks, the sense of taste has broken through the skin.




``After this, I'm having motsu nabe with my boyfriend...

I don't like having my face too close to the uncut hormones in front of motsu nabe..."



It's harsh, but I can't help but laugh.


Phimosis fucking hormoneA power word.



I'm about to eat motsu nabe, so I'm feeling even more hormonal, which is interesting. I can't help but laugh.


The words "effective on penis" that appear halfway through are already

I don't really understand the meaning, but there are both humorous and tsukkomi elements.

So much so that I'm thinking of trying it out too.



At first, she only watched men masturbate, then she gave a hand job, and then

My boyfriend and I are asked which dick is bigger, and that's when I realize that his dick is fucking huge.



Then smell it.




And for some reason, there is a description that makes me excited about the smell of that uncircumcised penis.

Nnnnnnnnnnn, why? Why is it so.

Why did you smell it?



And finally...I'd like you to read the main story on your own, leaving it up to your imagination.



As entertainment, it's very interesting and worth reading, and it's the cutest, most erotic stuff.

I don't want people to think that most women who are dads are "chorocute" like this.,

That is my honest opinion as a staff member of Papakatsu.



I have to say.



Just recently at X"Genuine PJ"The word became a hot topic,

I feel that there is a difference in severity between the girls who appear in manga like this and those who are actually dads.



Pico-tan, who appears in this manga, is the ideal form of a man.

"A lewd girl who loses to dicks"If that is the case,


For living, for pocket money, for protecting something.

"Even if you lose to money, you'll never lose to a dick, girl."I think so.





The ideal or delusional image that men think of what they want a p-active girl to look like is different from the real reality.

Girls who have just graduated from high school have contradictory ideas about what it means to be a dad and what their ideal uncle is.

Don't overlap your own desires with the various advertisements and things you see on the internet.



What is real and what is false, what should I do and what will I get?

What kind of men and women exist and what kind of interactions take place?



Learn from a place with the right sources so you don't get hurt in the slightest.

After I was able to give as much as I could without being swept off my feet.

I would like to get involved in this area.




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