[Total 15 member stores!Thank you very much! ] We were able to join one new member store in May.

In May last month, we were able to join one new member store.
A total of XNUMX member stores have joined us.
Thank you very much!

We apologize for making you wait until the service starts.
We are currently making final adjustments.
We expect to be able to announce the start of the service in July, so please wait for a while.


I would like to explain the current progress.

Currently, we are explaining the screens and functions of the management side of investment love PATOLO, which member stores use in their daily business activities, in order from those who have already applied for membership and completed the procedure. .


It will take about an hour, and we will follow up on how to operate while sharing the screen directly online in an interview format.


After that, we will guide the operation and points to note when registering a new member, and have the actual member store operate it.
If the owner is responding, I think that it will be handed over to the person who is actually involved in the operation as an agent in the member store.


The daily activities of member stores mainly include attracting customers of male and female members, interviews, registration work, and follow-up after the start of use.
As the operation headquarters, we will continue to make efforts to provide an environment that is easy for our member stores to work on a daily basis as much as possible.


Thank you very much for your continued support.

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