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[Dangerous?] A thorough explanation of the benefits, risks, and methods of Twitter sugar dating!

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Sugar daddy relationships have been gaining attention among young women in recent years as an easy way to earn money.
I was determined to start dating a sugar daddy using the sugar daddy apps and dating clubs that were recommended to me.I feel like it just doesn't seem right and I can't take the first step.....

An increasing number of women who are not comfortable with dating clubs or sugar daddy apps are using X (formerly Twitter) to look for sugar daddies.
In this article, an active Twitter addict project manager will thoroughly explain the safety, advantages, disadvantages, and how to go about sugar dating using Twitter.

X (old Twitter) Sugar Daddy dating is all the rage! What are the benefits?

The fact that sugar dating on (old Twitter) is popular means that there are benefits or there are many of them, so more and more people are doing it. If you are considering doing this on x, please make sure to compare the pros and cons and think carefully before you start.

It's important to gather information in anything❣If you're going to do it, you want to make sure you don't fail🐰✨

High degree of freedom in choosing your background, age, and character

On Twitter, you can freely set your background, age, and character.
The appeal of this platform is that it provides a high level of anonymity, allowing you to hide your true self while you participate.

To be honest, there is no age verification that exists on sugar daddy apps,You can also set your age to be much younger..

For those who have a complex about their age or are rejected by other people just because they are a little older than them,The era can be made ambiguousThat can be considered quite an advantage.
Also, since there is no need to check the profile details, which would be asked in detail in a dating club,Making yourself look good by claiming to have a certain job or to have graduated from a certain universitycan also do.

From a man's perspective, it's scary not knowing what's true and what's a lie.

You can guess the other person's character, personality, and thickness from their posts (tweets)

By checking the posts of potential husbands, you can get an idea of ​​their character, personality, and financial well-being.
This allows you to get to know the other person before you actually meet, making it easier to avoid mismatches.
Also, many people have written their expectations regarding face-to-face meetings and adult allowances,You'll probably get about this muchIt is possible to assume that.

Fat dads exist too

Since x (formerly Twitter) is a major communication tool, it is used by a wide range of people, and there are many financially well-off "rich daddies" among them.universe clubIt was actually used by a male student in the top class (Black) at the school.

In addition, the club has rules that state that an allowance for the first date is between 5000 and 1 yen, but this does not exist at X, so some men sometimes give more than that.

In fact, the author met P-san at X, and he gave me the highest number of three! There were also two people who gave me two!

Depending on the branding of your account, it may be easier for men to contact you

By creating an attractive account and posting things that are likely to appeal to men (i.e. branding yourself), you will be more likely to be contacted by men.
Also, by increasing the number of followers (mutual FF), you will be seen by more potential sugar daddies and have a greater chance of meeting them.

It is also referred to as a major project.
When it comes to famous accounts that everyone knows, not just as a woman,"If it's a famous person in the area, I'd like to meet them even if it costs a little bit."I think you will think that way.

If the content of the post is interesting or the account has a large fan base, I get curious about what kind of person the account is and sometimes I send them a direct message.

You can learn information and rumors through communication.

By interacting with other sugar daddy girls on X (formerly Twitter), you can find out information and rumors about the area.
You'll get advice on how to spot a good daddy and who to avoid.
Also, if you want to know about rumors on X, it may be a good idea to refer to the following 5ch, thinking of it as "toilet doodles."

????5chAbove[Mistress] Sugar Daddy Male and Female Account If you type this in, the thread will appear.
The link you can click on in the image below is to the latest thread, 24.7.2, as of 105.

This is great content for people who love to gossip and have a lot of free time. It helps you understand trends.

How to find a sugar daddy on Twitter

I've managed to get most of the information, now it's time to put it into practice!
Let's get started on the actual steps of the activity, including preparation.

Creating an account and posting content

Create a Sugar Daddy account and work on your profile and post content.
Set an icon and write a bio (a brief self-introduction). You don't need to write details about your personality, etc., as long as people can get to know your character through the post.

This will be fine.
Let's look at an example.

In the word search for Ⅹ (old Twitter),🍽🍵If you type in "I'm a activist," you'll see that many people have their own emojis written next to their names.
Meals(🍽),Tea (🍵),Shopping(🛍)People who only have this mark written are only involved in healthy dating.

🔨,HammerEmoji display"Adult (relationships)"This refers to the person you are dating, so if you are considering an adult relationship, it is a good idea to write this next to your name (handle name).

X (formerly Twitter) has a culture of expressing oneself using emojis, so let's learn that!

As for the content of your post, if you want an invitation from your sugar daddy, try to keep it positive.
Please do this in a place where the man you want to support is watching.

Old man💢Too gross💢If you can't even pay a penny, quit sugar dating, poor person💢💢

Avoid these types of posts at all costs.
Who would want to meet a woman who has a lot of hatred for men of the older generation?
For women"These women are real whores if you pay them money"It's the same as never wanting to meet a man who says that to you.

As for the popular content,

On the other hand, what you should avoid is

What impression will this post make on men?Please keep this in mind when posting.

Use proper tags

Some people use hashtags to make themselves more easily discoverable by men interested in sugar dating.
For example, some people use tags like "#sugardaddy" and "#Plife", but honestly I don't recommend this at all.

Perhaps because companies and affiliates are constantly using tags, when you search for #sugarbabies, only things like this come up. If you enter "sugarbabies ○○" and the name of a region, some men who are looking for sex will come up, but they are low resolution.

When you search for #pkatsu, you will see women looking for sugar daddies."Recruiting for casual sex" "Recruiting for compensated dating"As long as you pay that kind of money, it doesn't matter who the partner is, and there are only girls who offer a menu-type service where the price changes depending on what you do. Most of the women are from the escort service.

If you have an unspecified number of partners, it is not a case of sugar dating where you can choose your partner, and if you do not choose your partner, the danger and risk will double. It is best to stop.

How to find daddy

Let's start looking for a suitable potential daddy right away.
Many people use search functions and tags to find potential sugar daddies, but I don't recommend it.
As a Twitter addict and sugar daddy girl who has worked at a dating club for a long time, I have concluded that a good sugar daddy is someone who "lurks without making a big statement." Sometimes their accounts are private.

My recommendation isI looked at the men that my close (nice) same-sex pj-chan (sugar baby girl) follows.It's a good idea to take a look at the accounts of women who have a large number of followers but who are selective about the men they follow.

Instead of just one, take inspiration from multiple female accounts.
Make sure to follow male accounts that post decent content and are followed by multiple women.
Accounts that frequently interact with other decent accounts, regardless of gender, are often owned by good people.

The "birds of a feather flock together" phenomenon is also occurring on the Internet and social media.
It's a good idea to keep in mind that dads who interact with each other often have similar stances and share similar sympathies, so they get along well.

From there, check the profiles and posts and choose those who seem trustworthy.
You can generally get a rough idea of ​​their stance on sugar dating from their post.

It's a good idea to take a good look at these points, as it will help you understand what you can/cannot tolerate, and whether they match your stance or not.

Send a DM to the account of the potential dad

Send a direct DM to the potential dads you're interested in.
Avoid sending DMs out of the blue.After interacting with him a few times through replies etc.It's best to wait until your account is recognized.
Be sure to send a polite message that is not too serious (if you come across as being urgent, it will put the other person off), and approach them in a way that will pique their interest.

If I were to post something more natural, I would have liked the man to post pictures of drinks and food.

Good evening! I always enjoy reading your posts.
Sorry, the sake you posted earlier looks really delicious...
Can you tell me where I can go to get some?

Hello, thank you for your message.
This drink is called XX and can be found at a bar called △△ in Ginza.
However, since this is my regular place, please keep this off the record.

Thank you for letting me know! 😢✨
After looking into it, it seems to be a very high-end place, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to go, but I'll definitely go there and try it someday!

So much lol
If you don't mind, would you like to come with me next time you go to that store?

Eh, is that okay?! Yes, yes, yes!
I would love to join you!

This is just one example. Anything that feels natural and familiar is fine.
I don't think there are many men who are into sugar dating who wouldn't be happy to receive a direct message from a woman.

Precautions to ensure safety

When looking for a sugar daddy on X, the most important thing to remember is to ensure your own safety.
If you don't protect yourself, no one can help you. Here is some information that will help you avoid dangers and risks.

Gather information about the sugar daddy world and learn how to distinguish between a bad sugar daddy (someone to avoid) and a good sugar daddy (someone you can trust).
To my friendly mutual followers"What do you think of this person?"It may be a good idea to consult with them. They may know about past incidents that have occurred in the area. It is very important to take in objective opinions rather than just your own subjective opinions in order to avoid risks.

Be careful not to disclose too much personal information.
It is important never to give out your real name, address, contact details, etc.

There are not only good people in the world, especially when you meet people on X where you can be anonymous, so it is difficult to trust people whose identities you do not know."Please fool me" "I'm an idiot"It's like self-declaration.

Some people may be really scared of meeting X in person at first.
In such cases, you can choose to meet in groups. This is an exception, but you can also participate in offline meetups that are sometimes held in the sugar daddy community.
By the way, I have met X about 4-5 times thanks to him providing a place for meeting people and introducing me to regular sugar daddies. (Excluding the sugar daddy mixer I personally organized.)

X(旧The risks of dating on Twitter

X is not a service specialized in sugar dating. Of course, there are risks and disadvantages.

Isn't this what girls who are looking for sugar daddies are most concerned about?
Sugar daddy relationships are never something that should be made public.
Although it is a popular term and well-known, there is no benefit to being known as a sugar baby, so it is something you should be extra careful about. There is a risk that your privacy will not be guaranteed with X.

There is a risk that the photos you post will be spread.
You should be especially careful about posting photos of your face or photos that could identify you. Smartphones have a screenshot function, so even if you delete the photo immediately, it is highly likely that it will be saved.
Since people can sometimes be identified by their nails, most women hide their faces using the stamp function.

He has created a manga about a case where someone discovered that a photo of PJ-chan was being spread regularly in the community.

If a dinner date develops into a deeper relationship, there is a risk that the truth will be leaked.
In order to keep secrets, you should be careful when choosing your partner.

Try to gauge from the conversation whether he can keep a secret, whether he has an excessive need for approval, and whether he will try to pressure you into going public about your regular relationship.
If you feel even the slightest bit of discomfort, it may be best to retreat.

If you post too many things in an effort to promote yourself, you risk being identified and your personal information being exposed on message boards. Be extremely careful when managing your information online.
You should avoid posting anything that could identify you personally.

Risk of fraud and trouble

A tease who doesn't show up to a meeting

Sometimes people may show up at the meeting place at the appointed time to just show up.

There are cases where fraud occurs in which the victim is offered a deferred payment or monthly payment at the end of the month, and after accepting the offer and meeting multiple times and having a physical relationship, the victim is unable to be contacted on the day that the allowance is supposed to be received, resulting in the allowance not actually being paid.

I've also heard of cases where people were given their allowance and later checked the contents of the envelope to find that the bills were counterfeit.
The actual cases that have happened to acquaintances of mine include receiving toy banknotes, an envelope containing a notepad, or a gift certificate.
There have been reports on social media of similar incidents.

It's because of these kinds of horrible men that older men are even more wary...

There are also scams where people are offered to transfer money, but then never get paid.
I have heard stories of people being shown a picture of a completed transfer online to reassure the victim, only to have the transfer cancelled and the victim run away free of charge. This seems to be a common tactic.

Scammers use all sorts of methods, and I expect that the new banknotes will lead to more new scams. I don't know what methods they will use, but I will write about them again if any new cases come up.

There is a risk that the other person will develop serious romantic feelings and become a stalker.
This can lead to the risk of your company or school being identified and threatened, so you must be extremely careful when disclosing personal information.

If we break up, I'll tell my company that you were a sugar daddy

This is something that often becomes a problem when breaking up.
Sometimes, you may lose your composure in your efforts to hold onto your partner. No matter how much you think you can trust someone, you never know what's going to happen to you as a human being, and that's the entanglement between men and women.

Risk of illegal activities and harm

Depending on the person, there is a risk of being sexually assaulted without consent (i.e. raped). It is necessary to be extremely cautious when meeting someone for the first time. The risk of not knowing the identity of the other person and not having a third party to watch over you is a fact that cannot be ignored.

There is a risk of being photographed secretly, so you need to be careful in private situations.
Nowadays, there are very high-performance hidden cameras available, so if the person using them is experienced, a beginner PJ girl may not even realize that she is being secretly filmed, and may later be blackmailed using the data.

It seems that some men insert their penises without using contraception without permission. Some women say that they have no choice but to give in because they are afraid that they will not be able to receive the allowance if they refuse, since it is a matter of dignity for women and a serious issue that may affect their lives.
You need to take measures to protect yourself.

Before you start dating sugar daddies on Twitter, consider sugar daddy apps and dating clubs too!

Having worked as a staff member at a dating club for many years, and having actually used a sugar daddy app to find a sugar daddy, and having heard from acquaintances about the current situation at X (formerly Twitter), I think that if you are looking to find a sugar daddy, you should first reconsider sugar daddy apps and dating clubs instead of X.

Using a tool that specializes in sugar dating and is registered by men who intend to provide support is more reliable and safer than searching for a sugar daddy on X when you know nothing and have no experience.
If you really want to work at X, it's best to try out both the app and the clubs, gain some experience, and develop the ability to spot sugar daddies before giving it a go.

Take a quick look at the benefits of sugar dating apps.

There are many different types and numbers of sugar daddy apps and dating clubs, so if one doesn't suit you,
Remember, not everything is for you!


How was it?
Sugar Dating on Twitter has its appealing aspects, but it also comes with risks. Unfortunately, those risks are very high if you're a beginner.
In order to ensure safety, it is most important to carefully choose your partner and manage your personal information. Also, by considering sugar dating apps and dating clubs, you can feel more secure when engaging in sugar dating.

Let's work hard together to have a better sugar daddy life🥺✨

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