What is Chahan Scam? Actual state of damage and explanation of characteristics

[What is Chahan Scam? Explanation of the actual situation and characteristics of damage]

Chahan scam is one of the malicious scams that has been increasing recently, and is particularly characterized by the trick of deceiving victims by pretending to meet up with dad-hunters. In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the definition and methods of fraud, the actual damage caused, and the characteristics of fraudsters.

The reality and characteristics of Chahan fraud


Definition and techniques of Chahan fraud

Chahan fraud is a method of deceiving victims under the pretext of meeting people to "drink tea (tea) + eat rice (meal)." Typically, a woman approaches a man and invites him to socialize, such as sharing a meal or tea. At this point, the attacker uses a friendly demeanor to make the victim trust and let down their guard. The attacker then uses techniques such as demanding money from the victim in some form or asking for payment on the spot to defraud the victim.

Or, while showing a glimpse of the possibility of an intimate relationship beyond tea and meals, without it developing into a relationship, you can moderately stir up the man's expectations and say, ``Maybe it will develop into a relationship.'' It can also refer to a state of being controlled by skillfully using emotions such as "I might be able to do it next time."


Actual state of damage

The damage caused by Chahan fraud not only causes psychological damage, but also financial loss. Victims are often asked to pay a large amount of money, after which the scammer may disappear. Scammers may also collect personal information from their victims and use it to cause further harm.

The word "fraud" is often used, but it ranges from genuine fraud in which people are defrauded of cash and other valuables, to mild emotional fraud such as "It's not what I said it was," or "It's not what I promised." It is sometimes called fraud to express the state of being deceived.


Characteristics of scammers

Fraudsters who commit fraud are skilled at deceiving victims using a variety of techniques. They often feign a sociable and sincere demeanor and are able to win the trust of their victims. They may also use various excuses and lies to deceive their victims. Scammers may also manipulate their victims and exploit their psychological weaknesses.

Fraud is when a promise is not fulfilled, but the person does not make a promise by using facial expressions, atmosphere, body touching, folding arms, holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. without making the promise a lie. This often involves making the child imagine how things will turn out, and encouraging them to take action such as providing support, follow-up, allowances, or pocket money.





Chahan fraud is a malicious method of deceiving victims under the pretext of meeting people. Victims are easily fooled by their sociable demeanor and sincere behavior, and can suffer significant financial losses. Therefore, it is important to be cautious when meeting or going on a date, and to be wary of suspicious people or situations.

To be honest, if it doesn't fall under the category of genuine fraud, it's hard to say for certain who is at fault.

Therefore, for example, even if the atmosphere is good, if you can't go on a date no matter how many times you go on a date, you may have a borderline situation where you can go out with them up to this point, but not after that, depending on the number of dates or the amount of money. I think it's effective to keep it to yourself.

Or, if you think this girl is someone you don't mind being fooled by, it would be a good idea to go around the area and get completely absorbed in it.

There may even be cases where thinking four or five things is unhealthy.


However, it's smarter to make a quick decision and move on to your next encounter, rather than regret it later.

The difficult thing is that when you meet someone, telling them directly, ``It's not a scam, right?'' can only be negative.

Even if you say something like that, the other person will also be in trouble.

If she was an honest woman and not a fraud, I would have been upset and left.

In this case, it is the men who lose out.


Men, just like women, have no choice but to make judgments based on the atmosphere, flow, and feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

The only way to improve your decision-making ability is to increase your experience.

In the end, it seems like it's something that can be learned through encounters with many people.

Also, I have talked about cases where no progress is made no matter how many times you go on a date, from the angle of recognizing it as a scam, but there are times when a relationship does not develop due to something in yourself.



In addition to appearance, there are also things like smell, cleanliness, belongings, fashion, language, attitude, physique, etc.


This is a great opportunity, so take advantage of this opportunity to focus on things you can reevaluate and improve, not only for the sake of the woman in front of you, but also for yourself and the many women you will meet in the future. Looks good too.



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