Is 2 yen a reasonable price for transportation? Real answers from female employees of a major dad-hunting company

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Last timeI wanted to talk about how dating apps might not be suitable for me, but this time I'll talk about Daddy Katsu's ``Transportation costI would like to talk about two themes.

Regarding transportation expenses for face-to-face meetings

Transportation costs for first dates and face-to-face meetings are often discussed in the father-hunting industry. (allowance)
At most dating clubs, you may have to meet someone and then give them to them during the date, which caused the following problems and frustration.

👩 Female side
If you can't get it right after we meet,"When will I get my transportation allowance?" "Are you sure I'll get it?"I feel anxious. It's hard for her to tell him about it, so she's anxious and can't concentrate on the date, so time passes.
"How should I negotiate the price? I want 2 yen."I ended up being passive even though I suggested the amount.

👦 Male side
Timing and how to pass smartly is difficult.I got into trouble because I was full of alcohol and forgot to hand it over.Became.
"How much should I give you? The price online was 1 yen, but since I want to go out with you, how about negotiating for 2 yen?"I'm worried that the amount offered is rude.

Especially in the case of the Daddy-Katsu app, there are no set rules for the amount of money, so I feel like the landing point is not fixed.
Men should be cool and smart. Women should set rules at the time of meeting so that they can maintain their dignity and not get their pride hurt, so they don't get in trouble. However, if you are meeting a man or woman for the first time, even if you have the communication skills of Shingo Fujimori, the conversation will be on a completely different level, which is next to impossible, and I think it will be even more of a headache if you are a first-time dad.

In order to solve these problems for men and women, we have introduced a system that provides rules regarding transportation expenses so that you can focus on dating with peace of mind.

Laws for preventing troubles in transportation expenses during face-to-face meetings established by the management

Our company's hybrid dad-hunting app and dating club [PATOLO, a dad-hunting specialty app] is a smart way to avoid hurting women, and has a system that requires payment of transportation expenses in advance.

The man will pay the amount including transportation expenses when the date is confirmed, and PATOLO will take care of it.
After the date, the woman reports the date and applies, and PATOLO transfers the funds to the woman.

System diagram

You can concentrate on the date and enjoy it without worrying about when to give it or when to receive it.

It is a convenient and safe system.

Transportation expenses are2 yen to XNUMX yen

The transportation fee is 5,000 yen for the woman herself.~ 20,000 yenbe set between

You can set up to 2 yen for transportation expenses alone.

Women have different weapons, but if I were a man, I could expect a date that would be worth it, and women should be confident and make the best date! So how should women decide on the amount?

First, youAmount that keeps you motivated for datingIt is important to be

nextthink from a male perspective.

I hope you will evaluate yourself to see if you can receive the healing (return) that is worth the amount.

If you still can't decide on the amount of transportation expenses, please refer to the article that summarizes the market allowance for dads.

▶Daddy activity allowance market price 2024

Is there a demand for women who spend 2 yen on transportation?

That's something to be concerned about. In conclusion, even women whose transportation fee is set at 2 yen are invited and actually go on dates.
However, I get the impression that she is suppressing the characteristics of women who are popular in daddy activities. To be more specific, it's about 2-3% of all women who date. (*PATOLO statistics)
You may be able to aim for being the most popular girl in your class.

Characteristics of popular women in daddy activities

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