Dad-katsu allowance market price 2024

Dad activity market price



An eternal challenge for dads: allowances.

This is an important criterion for determining relationships for both dad and PJ.
Especially for women, since they don't place much emphasis on looks, allowance tends to be the most important condition.
There are three main types of allowances.

①Meeting allowance
②Meal allowance
③Adult allowance

These three are commonly used.


Actual status of allowance information

I see a lot of SNS and articles talking about the market value of allowances, but as you all know, the information is extremely biased.
Articles aimed at women or information provided by individual women tend to be expensive,
Articles aimed at men and information sent by individual men tend to be low priced.
So, if you ask me if the middle is the correct answer, that's not necessarily the case.
And both low allowance information and high allowance information are not completely lies,
I'm sure there are some people who are actually operating at that price.
However, I don't think it's average.
Assuming that everyone is not lying, you need to realize that it is just an average for each person.

The girl Riri committed a crime. She is unforgivable. However, I think she definitely had the talent for love business.
Riri-chan earned 1 million yen, but it doesn't mean that all of Riri-chan's friends can earn 5,000 million yen.
Even if there is a woman who received 10 yen just for food, or a father who was able to have an adult relationship for less than 1 yen,
Whether 100 other PJ dads can do the same is a completely different story.


Reliability of allowance information

I assure you, there is no way you can post the actual average on the internet. (Average of all service users, not individual average)
Have you ever seen a dad-katsu app collecting information on the amount of allowance through feedback?
That's the answer. SNS and apps do not have data regarding allowances.

Dating clubs are different. The rules vary depending on the club, and basically the main thing is to provide individual support to each member.
There are many clubs that listen to each woman's desires and match them.
(This does not mean that you can have sex if you pay that amount, but that you would like to be compensated for the relationship if the feelings match.)
However, the information will not be made public publicly. A dating club is a closed space to protect adult secrets.
Universe Club has a company philosophy of honesty, transparency, and dedication.
Information is not disclosed in places where non-members can view it, such as official websites.
Male members can view the allowance graph by female class for dates within the past 3 months from the member page.
This data reflects only responses from male members, so we are proud that it is the most realistic number nationwide.


For me, apps are more suitable than dating clubs. I want to know the market price of the app!


That's right. When comparing the number of dating club users and the number of app users, the number of app users is overwhelmingly large, so there is no comparison.
I think this is a perfectly natural opinion. We have good news for all of you.


In the summer of 2024, PATOLO, an app specializing in father activities, will start posting the desired amount of allowance on the profile.

I no longer care about market prices or averages. Because you can instantly know what your type of woman wants.
Women will also be able to check men's budgets, so they can save a lot of time and money that they would have wasted due to misunderstandings about their allowances.
You can even narrow down the candidates based on your desired amount.
*Looking at the average is also interesting! If you are interested, please come to Universe Club (PR)

PATOLO, an app specializing in dad activities, will create a world where all dad activities players can enjoy being a dad in a clean and fun way.


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