June 05, 2024

Is the quality of sex important in daddy life?

Dad life adult story


Daddy life and SEX

Adult relationships are inseparable from dad life.
As I read the feedback after the date, I thought,
I think there are very few mentions (other than complaints) about the content of the game for both men and women.
Is it because it's obvious?

When I look around on social media, I often see stories about people not being able to go to hotels due to the amount of allowances.
I don't see anyone muttering things like how their bodies are the best and they melted together.
Even on my dad's account.
I've seen that it was tuna-chan though.
I want to know how to do it in the best way.

However, I think sex with a dad is difficult.
In the case of soaps, it is an exchange of service between the customer and the lady.
In the case of a mistress, it feels like a lover.

So how is your life as a dad?
There is a price involved, but it is a relationship built by choosing someone you like.
“Between the amateur version of the soap and the mistress (soap side)”
That's my personal impression, but what do you all think?

Like this, dads and dad-active girls all over the world,
Sometimes I wonder how much importance they place on the quality of sex.

I can't find such information, so I'll write an article myself.
I think women should do this more.
Isn't that just too cute for Dad? There are many times when I think,
Today I will summarize the content from a female perspective.

What dad-active girls want from sex

Wear a skin as a premise,Avoid playing that women think is painful or dirty.

This is the most important.
To be honest, there are only a few women who want to feel good when having sex with dads (although they do want their dads to be happy).
I think 99% of women want a father who has good manners and doesn't do anything painful.
And for women, there is a real desire to avoid pain.
I'm sure everyone watching this must have thought, ``That's obvious, right?''
That's right. This is an unfortunate story for both men and women, but all men use the wrong amount of force without any malicious intent.

By the way, it's a misconception that just because it's wet (not dry) it's okay.
I think it's easier for women to enjoy sex if they get wet easily.

Normally, it is only after feeling pleasure that the inside becomes moisturized.
It doesn't hurt when you insert your finger or put your finger in it until the entire inside of your vagina is moistened.
Just because the surface isn't dry doesn't mean it's OK to insert it.
I would be happy if you could follow the pace of women.
Some women seem to find it difficult to get wet even though they think it feels good.
I think there will be many difficult times.
Because sexual desire is one of the three major human desires, but it would be very sad if you couldn't enjoy it and found it stressful.
I think it is difficult for women to express this, but I would like them to actively use lotions and other products.

There are also differences between men. amount of semen.
It was so good today that I ejaculated five times as much. So,
It's a depiction that you might see in an erotic manga,
Probably not really, right?
There is such a difference between those with less and those with more. (As far as I know)
But I've never heard of someone who has a lot of semen every time saying that they can just use their hands without penetration because it feels good.
I think it's just that men and women are the same, and there are individual differences in constitution.
I've never had this conversation with a man, so I don't know.
I hope no one else has to go through the same hardships that women do.

It's not fun to act with a woman who is always in pain.

How can I explain the pain that women experience during play, mainly during caressing...
For example, just wearing underwear today causes me to rub and get red. It hurts and I feel like crying.
That's true for women at all.
If it's the same force as licking soft serve ice cream, it hurts.
I think it's easier to understand if you search for "soap lady nipples".
Please try searching for "Gashiman" once.
Regardless of whether they work nights or not, many women worry that they are in pain but cannot tell their boyfriend.
And even if you tell them that it hurts, there are a certain number of men who get angry about it.

Don't get me wrong, no matter how much pain a woman is in, she will feel it if you caress her in a way that suits her.
There are only a few divine characters (some women have never met one) who can caress in a way that suits women.
I think there are women who say they don't like nipples or that they don't like sex.
When interviewing women, I feel that the younger the women, the more likely they are to be uncomfortable with sex.

Some women may climax without penetration, but
There are times when the pleasure is stronger than during insertion.
It is common for many men to think that such women are in pain and don't feel it at all.


Do women in the sex industry enjoy sex?

When I look at the soapland lady X, I see her saying that she has never felt good during a service.
I'm sure there are actually girls like that, but personally I think it's roughly half of the total.
As some of you may know, it seems that about 50% of Japanese women experience climax.
I believe that women who have experienced climax can feel something real during the service.
After all, there are almost no cases of men in their early 20s being good at sex.
I believe that there are actually quite a few women who feel, develop, and climax for the first time during the service.

However, what I want to say is that this is different.
I'm being molested, and even though I don't like it, I feel it...! This development is a fantasy.
This is not a development that women have accepted on their own. It's the same as rape.
Whether it's a soap, delivery health, or working as a dad,
I think it's rare to find a woman who is active because she wants to do something sexual.
At least you are choosing to act on your own.
Therein lies the difference.




This is my personal opinion, but I believe that emotion is ultimately superior to technology.
I often think about the time I had sex where I had the most orgasms ever, but I never want to have the same person again.
That's because I always think that having an affair with the person I love at the time is the best.

I think this is the same for dad life.
I think sex between dads and PJs who treat you well and who you feel good about is the best.

It's fun to have technology, but
It is not necessary to feel happy.
However, I do hope that the sex that one of us has to endure will be reduced even though there is no malice at all.

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