June 26, 2024

[Detailed explanation] What do girls who are looking for sugar daddies mean by cleanliness?

men's cleanliness

My type is a man who has a sense of cleanliness♪

This word is heard more than 9% of the time when interviewing women at a dating club. What is a feeling of cleanliness? Unless the woman has actually been there many times, there are not many people who can answer this specifically. It is possible that they are reluctant to say it because it is difficult, but if that is the case, the sugar daddy side will not be able to improve either! If the sugar daddy girls can't say it, then Miyoshi, a sugar daddy staff member, will say it. First, I will tell you the important thing. It's not that I want you to be a beauty-conscious dad! I think that's fine, but it's a little off the mark!

[What is the sense of cleanliness that dad active girls say? Actual situation and characteristics explanation]

The cleanliness that girls who are looking for a sugar daddy is not simply about appearance. This is the same whether it is a sugar daddy app or a dating club. In this article, we will explain in detail the definition of cleanliness that is required of a sugar daddy and the psychology of women.

[Definition and points of cleanliness]

First, let's review the general meaning. If you Google cleanliness, you will find "a feeling of cleanliness without dirt. Or an expression that means a person with a good and honest personality." It's not specific, but it makes sense. So what is different about sugar dating? In fact, it's the same as the general meaning. The problem is that men and women care about different things. Let's explain from the answers to a survey of "clean men" targeting women in their 20s nationwide. "What do you think are the characteristics of a clean man?" 1st place: Neatly groomed hair 2nd place: Beautiful skin 3rd place: Smells good 4th place: Wears wrinkle-free clothes 5th place: Neat eyebrows 6th place: Clean nails 4th to 6th place are the same, so I don't think there is any need to explain them. Let's start with 1st place. 1st place: Neatly groomed hair This doesn't just mean that you styled your hair before a date, or that your head is messy. The key is smell and dandruff. The difference between the body odor of women and men is that men tend to smell more easily from the head, especially the back of the head, the top of the head, and the nape. And while it is said that body odor due to aging starts in the 40s and after, it is said that men's heads start to smell in their 30s. This means that all daddies are not unrelated to this story. Men who do not normally use hair dryers should be especially careful. Before becoming a staff member at the dating club, I worked in the beauty industry for about 10 years, and there are more men who do not use hair dryers than women think. Of course, there are benefits to natural drying, so I have no intention of denying it, but if you do not use a hair dryer, your scalp will smell and you will be more likely to get dandruff. We recommend using a hair dryer when showering the day before or before a date. 2nd place: Beautiful skin And! When washing your body, be sure to pay attention to washing behind your ears, the back of your neck, and your back. All of these are areas where men are likely to smell. It's easy to wash, as is the chest. The back of the body tends to be left unattended and is often overwashed, so be sure to be conscious of this before a date. It's not a bad idea to use lotion to make your skin beautiful, but it's just an added bonus. In reality, even if you take a bath every day, women will think you are unclean just because you have body odor, and it is a big loss of points. It would be much more effective to eliminate the big loss of points than to gain points. 3rd place: Smells good I'm sure you're thinking that 1st to 3rd place are all about body odor after all. That's right. Daddy-active girls are more likely to like or dislike their daddy based on his body odor rather than his face.

[Actual state of damage]

Now, I will tell you the most important thing today. The number one reason why dad-hunting girls don't like kissing is because of their dad's bad breath. And everyone who doesn't floss when brushing their teeth has bad breath. I think there are women who say, "I don't really like kissing people other than my boyfriend..." and I think that's true, but if you dig deeper, this is the main reason. Also, maybe because of the influence of adult videos, there are men who suck too hard when kissing or lick parts of the face other than the lips, Women just hate being in pain, having their makeup removed, and having their makeup leave a smell behind. Saliva smells, after all... You can't wash your face if you're wearing makeup, and this is a perspective unique to women, so it may be hard for men to notice. If a woman stubbornly refuses to kiss you when you're dating, it's often because she had really bad breath or had a daddy with bad kissing manners, or maybe it's you. If you're okay with penetration but no kissing, it doesn't make sense. If you've ever heard of a woman who says this, that's what it means.


The "cleanliness" that sugar daddy girls look for refers not only to appearance and hygiene, but also to mental cleanliness, financial stability, comfort, and a sense of relaxation, as well as a general sense of security and comfort. In order to be successful in sugar dating when you meet your favorite woman, it is important to pay attention to these elements and create an environment where the woman can feel comfortable and at ease. And the fact that so many sugar daddy girls are talking about cleanliness means that there aren't many sugar daddies who are thorough about it. This means there is an opportunity. I'm not talking about using cosmetics. Take more care than usual to deal with odors. Just by being thorough about this, you can gain an advantage over other sugar daddies. Click here for consultation >> PATOLO, an app specializing in dad activities Reference document Mynavi News: What kind of person do you think a “clean man” is? There are differences in answers between men and women [Survey of 20 people in their 1000s]:
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