[Dad activity] The photo and the real thing are completely different! The darkness of fraudulent PJ



``Dad-katsu'' -- the sound of these words makes us imagine a world where youth, money, and complicated human relationships intersect.

In modern society, the dream-like reality of being able to have a mistress relationship with an ordinary woman, or being able to communicate and sometimes have a deep relationship with an ordinary girl who is not a professional woman but is called an amateur, is a dream-like reality for some people. It is a temptation that could not be greater for

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a new form of relationship that will solve urgent needs.


However, we are also asked about the risks and complexities hidden behind this. It is not easy to approach the depths of that darkness.

Only those who have experienced it will know the momentary torment of a dream turning into hell. Let me explain an example.


Meeting in the car is not a popular option for dad-hunting.




He was looking forward to meeting up with the person he had messaged.


Adult 2 was installed after mutual consent through exchanging messages. He happily prepared 2 yen to pursue a deeper relationship.

Since he is married and has a small child, he has difficulty making time for himself.

Although he was given a responsible position at work and received a sufficient salary, he was a man who worked harder than anyone else.


He sometimes criticized himself."I'm a company slave, so it's hard to find time."

Because of this background, he was initially looking for someone with whom he could develop from the day of the meeting, rather than just meeting him face-to-face.

It may be said that this is a dating method that suits your lifestyle.

However, it may be fair to say that this time I was swept off my feet by a method of activity that suited my lifestyle.


First impressions are very important. The first date is the first step in determining whether you want to see someone again and whether they are interested in you.

I nervously wait for her arrival with my heart pounding.

However, the woman he meets up with turns up looking nothing like the photo he had sent her beforehand.



“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” “I made a mistake.” “Was I communicating with this woman?”

His heart was buzzing as various emotions rushed through his head in an instant. A rustling sound similar to that of Kaiji continues to flow through his body.


``My impressions are a little different, so I was able to meet you today, so I'll give you 10,000 yen, so would you like to break up today?''

Since we had a deep relationship and were satisfied with 1, it wouldn't be a bad deal if we broke up without doing anything and got half the price, XNUMX yen. I'm sure you'll agree. That's what he thought.




But the words that came out of her mouth were different.


she is``Money was incurred the moment I entered the car and sat in the passenger seat, so you are obligated to pay me 2 yen.''He imposes a mysterious rule.


"picture"He was confused and said this in an attempt to persuade him to break up.

``However, I wanted to meet the woman in the photo, so I turned off her voice, but a woman who gave me a completely different impression from the real person came.“It’s a rule, so I’ll take what I get and go home.”If that's your stance, what about the opposite position? ”


But she was strong.

"I don't know and it's okay."She then goes one step further and starts threatening him by taking pictures.

He couldn't move and had no choice but to follow her words.

He wasn't convinced. However, his position as a family man.

It would be troublesome if it was exposed in a poor manner. He reluctantly hands her 2 yen and watches her just disappear.




This episode highlights the dark side of the world of dad life.

Money, trust, and the fear of her words. For those who were there, it may leave a permanent scar.

However, it also encourages readiness to face new challenges.




No fraud

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