Even experienced people tend to misunderstand! What is P-katsu?

Dad life is healthy. sugar baby


“What is p-katsu?” “What is dad-katsu?” “What does dad-katsu do?”

Despite the word being so pervasive in society, I don't think there are many people who correctly understand and speak out about being a dad. even now.

In this article, the Universe Club staff member, who is in his 8th year,
Miyoshi, the chairman of the Committee to bring Japan's image of dad life to reality, will explain the reality of dad life.


What is Papakatsu? What is the difference between prostitution and prostitution? Is it true that you can function just by eating?

The word "dad-katsu" was coined at the Universe Club.
This word was created with the aim of spreading awareness of social clubs and changing their image.

At dating clubs, matched men and women start dating after mutual agreement (dad-hunting).
"Dating (a relationship between a man and a woman)" refers to a "relationship (a relationship between a man and a woman) that involves compensation."

A typical mistress relationship is a long-term contract between the man's economic power and his physical relationship with the woman.
Any relationship suspected of being prostitution is prohibited.

What do you mean?
Isn't it just about having sex and getting paid?
I don't know what's the difference between prostitution and prostitution.

That's right. Here's what's important.

*What is a mistress relationship? We like each other! A man and a woman named
Eating together, going on a date, developing into an adult relationship, etc.Based on a romantic relationship.(This is the point)
It means a long-term partner, and dating solely for the purpose of sex is prohibited.
Interpretation by our representative Kida

That's why dad life is
・Activity to choose a partner.
・There is a “meeting”.
・It is wrong to assume that the date is a healthy one (no sex).
(When meeting someone for the first time, you can't meet with the intention of having sex. This may be an easy mistake to make.)
・An allowance will be required if you interact with adults, not just for meals.
・Looking for someone to meet with 5 adults today! If you do that, you're out. That's not daddying, that's prostitution.

That doesn't mean that being a dad is different from prostitution! I'm not sure if I can proudly announce this to the world.
It doesn't change the fact that sex is used for money.

Daddy-hunting is a relationship between a man and a woman that involves romantic feelings and involves compensation. (Various dates including meals, walks, movies, and sex)


No no no.
wait a minute.
Soap has a similar feel.
Both soaps and dad-katsu advocate free love,
I don't think I'll be turned down at soaps in general. (It seems that there are cases where you may be rejected or banned for not following the rules.)
Then why is the free love aspect of Papakatsu stronger than that of soaps?
Free love is a given! After we meet, we all go to a hotel. If that happens, Universe Club will be deleted immediately.

This is Miyoshi's personal opinion,
I think this is because it is a service that is less protective of its users, mainly women, than soaps.
It's not like the staff will accompany you on the date,
Basically, I don't know if the relationship continues after the second time.
When a problem occurs, it is impossible to be there in 5 minutes.
That's why I think that mutual kindness is a prerequisite for protecting users.



Daddy-hunting is a relationship between a man and a woman that involves romantic feelings and involves compensation. (Various dates including meals, walks, movies, and sex)


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