Daddy life is dangerous⁉ Introducing examples of fraud and trouble! Measures are required!

Created on 05/02/2024

Daddy life is dangerous⁉ Introducing examples of fraud and trouble! Measures are required!

Dad life. Recently, the number of people from students to housewives who are casually becoming fathers has increased.

Social clubs are now registering male and female members of all ages, occupations, and positions.


Daddy-hunting is no longer about finding a lover, but rather about having a safe relationship with an ordinary woman through money, and it has become a new way to love and earn money, and it has become easier to get started.

However, the fact that many people start daddy activities easily means that there are many different types of people in daddying, including men who genuinely want to support women and those who want to have a pseudo-romance.

Not all women want to meet older men and deepen their knowledge.



Unfortunately, there are people who think that they should use what they can to each other and exploit the other person.

We will post examples and techniques.



Beware of dad-hunting scams



Damages and troubles that can occur to women




Damages and troubles that can occur to men



You may be in danger to yourself.


In 2020, a 49-year-old man was arrested for drugging and assaulting a teenage woman.

*Reference: Nikkan Sports



Since the woman was drugged with sleeping pills and put into a state of insanity before committing an obscene act, it is certain that the act was against the woman's will.

When I think that I was preparing with all eyes on the world, I realize that there is no point in being wary of the world.

And it's not just women who are at risk.



News heredo you remember

In February 2024, a 82-year-old woman who stabbed an 26-year-old man to death became a hot topic.


Daddy-katsu hunting using Daddy-katsu

A man was found searching for food while he was taking a shower, was pointed out and stabbed to death. This is also for the ``daily quota fee'' that she gives to men she is interested in.

In addition, he recruited a partner for daddy activities using X, and when he took him to a certain place with a man to perform an obscene act, a female companion ambushed him in advance.

There is also a ``dad-hunting'' in which a father is forced to pay money or go to the police, saying things like ``he touched my woman.''





First and foremost,Because dad activities are often carried out between individuals..

It is done in secret because it is not something anyone can talk about, and it is not something that can be discussed elsewhere, such as on the Internet.

As a result, both parties end up feeling guilty about the situation, and because they are unable to inform the people around them, they end up in a situation where they are forced to cry or sleep.




First,Choose a platform that involves a third party in your encounterlet's do it.

Rather than using unidentified X or bulletin boards where you don't know who is using the app, we recommend using the Daddy Activity app, which is screened after checking your ID.

Furthermore, dating clubs with intermediaries in between create an environment where it is difficult to do ``something you feel guilty about'' because there is more of a deterrent effect in the form of other people's eyes.

It is important to meet in an environment where you can prove that the other person's identity is clear.

Especially if the other party is a minor, it is the man who is subject to the law.



Avoid meeting in closed rooms or in cars

First of all, if you are meeting someone for the first time and don't know what kind of person they are, avoid meeting in a closed room such as a car or hotel.

Because"If you don't know who the other person is, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your reputation."Because it's a thing.

Only after you feel like the other person is someone you can trust, move to a closed room or room.

It is especially dangerous for women to meet someone with the assumption that they will have a deep relationship without meeting face-to-face.


How was it?

I have given basic examples and countermeasures.

Try to avoid danger and avoid traumatic troubles as much as possible.

*We will add any problems or incidents related to daddy activities from time to time.



Yuna Seki

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