I have started working as a dad! Reasons to start working as a dad



In recent years, ``dad-katsu'' has been attracting attention, especially among young women.

This phrase means that in exchange for young women (daddy-katsu girls) receiving financial support,

Refers to activities that build relationships with men (daddy-active men).


Whether this relationship is limited to meals, shopping, dates, or a physical relationship that is considered an adult varies from person to person.

We will try to find out why dad-hunting is possible and why men want to support women with money.




Why do you choose to be a dad?

First, there is an economic aspect to being a dad.

Young women facing financial difficulties may seek out a father for a variety of reasons, including living expenses, school fees, and the purchase of luxury items.

On the other hand, young women sometimes start p-katsu with the aim of gaining financial independence through dad-katsu.

Therefore, dad-hunting is not just about exchanging money, but can also lead to relationships with mentors and building future careers.


Of course, it's not just young women.

Sometimes there are single mothers who are worried financially and mentally about raising their children on their own,

Even if you are not worried about being able to feed yourself at the moment, you may want to start a business in the future, acquire skills, or get involved in a new business, etc., as an activity that focuses on the future rather than immediate money. There are also ambitious dad-hunting girls who are doing dad-hunting.

It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that people are living in poverty.



There is also an emotional aspect

Daddy-katsu is not just a relationship that involves money (in the past, it was called a subsidized relationship), but it also aims to build a relationship that is mutually satisfying.

Dad-active girls seek not only financial support, but also a wide range of things they can get from their fathers, such as time, knowledge, and experience.

On the other hand, the man who becomes the father is also justSeeking a relationship that goes beyond financial supportYou may.

While they desire youth, vitality, and beauty, they may also desire to be respected as a father and to be able to give something to their partner.


“You look like Mr.○○.”and tell"It is often said"The reason why some men respond with such confidence can be expected to be because the kind words of the women they met through dad-hunting filled their hearts and led to their confidence as men.


In addition to physical connections, we also seek emotional connections through conversations such as meals, physical contact in other situations, and communications.

It can be said that it is natural that women who are good at capturing men's hearts become successful women.



However, being a father comes with risks and concerns.


These include financial dependence, emotional imbalances, differences in what men and women want from each other, differences in temperature, and even legal issues and safety concerns.

The legal implications can be serious, especially when minors are involved.

(It is absolutely not allowed for high school students to be dads because it is against the law. Don't worry, the dating club refuses to accept minors.)

Finally, fatherhood activities are also a subject of debate from a social perspective.


There is some criticism that dad-hunting promotes inequality between men and women and distortions in relationships due to money.


"It's probably just a pop-up way of saying halo."

"In the end, it's selling sex, right? It's prostitution."

``It's a disgusting picture of an old man desperately trying to find love with a girl decades younger than him.''


The intensity of the criticism is still strong even today.

On the other hand, there is also the opinion that fatherhood should be respected as an individual's freedom and choice.



There are also real voices from women who have actually experienced this.


Dad activities are carried out by people with diverse backgrounds and motivations.

Therefore, although it is difficult to generalize in a positive or negative way, it is important to consider the issues and concerns surrounding fatherhood.


It may be happening to people around you, and someday it may become your own problem rather than someone else's.

There may be something new that you want to change in your life.

To change your life, you also need to change yourself. You cannot change your life with half-hearted determination.


It will take more time for those who have never experienced it to understand that there are people who enter this field of dad-hunting in search of a change in their lives.

Still, dad activities are actually happening in the city today and tomorrow. It can be said that the father activity market will continue to expand.


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