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[Explanation of the meaning] What is a patron? Is it possible for an ordinary woman to have a patron?

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What is a "patron"?

The title of the article is "What is a Patron? Tell me what it means!"

The word "patron" is one that you hear occasionally.
Do you know what it means?

This time I will write about the meaning of the word patron and what kind of relationship it represents between men and women.

👇What you will learn from this article

What does patron mean?

"patron"refers to a person who gives financial support to a particular individual or organization. The word comes from the French"patron"It comes fromIn Japanese, it means "sponsor" or "guardian."It can also be translated as:

Specifically, we are looking for people who provide financial support to artists, writers, scholars, students, etc. to continue their activities and research."patron"called.
For example, if a museum supports a particular artist, the museum becomes the artist's patron.

I don't think that's the meaning when I heard it though...

The definition of "patron" in the Sanseido dictionary


  1. Patron. Patronage.
  2. A person who provides financial support, especially to artists and writers.

Because of this definition, the word patron is used by both men and women."Favoring"It means relationship = helping in some way.

Let's dig deeper.

The meaning of patronage in relationships

Financial support is provided

The patron gives the beneficiary, usually a young woman,Financial support or expensive gifts,Provision of living expensesWe provide financial support such as:

We have a special relationship that's not just about money

This relationship is built on a foundation of intimacy and trust.
The relationship between patron and beneficiary isIt's not just a financial transaction, it's about emotional connection and intimacy.There are many things.

Mutual Benefit

Patrons enrich the lives of their beneficiaries,Supporting your dreams and goalsBy doing so, the recipient is expected to receive gratitude and respect from the other party. The beneficiary provides gratitude and a special relationship to the patron.
Most of the time, they are asked to have physical relations(Of course, there are cases where this is not the case.)

They also provide assistance to young men, sometimes as an extension of their business.

The Need for Patrons

Why do some people create patrons? (Necessity)

In today's society, you need money to achieve your dreams and goals.
For young women, this"Appearance is everything"A lookistic societyIncosmetic surgeryis becoming more accessible and more women are incorporating it into their lives.

But many people find it difficult to secure that funding on their own.
This is where the patron becomes an important key person.

"I moved to Tokyo after graduating, but monthly living expenses are rising and I'm struggling..."

"The recession is terrible. I can't make enough money with just my day job, and I can't do the work I really want to do."

"I can't make progress on paying off my scholarships and loans with my current job alone."

"It's not the time to pursue dreams"

Women who want to break away from the current situation

I hope I can find a good patron somehow.

You may be thinking, ``What?''

Patrons not only provide financial support, but may also help in other areas.

The benefits of becoming a patron

There are many benefits to having a patron.

The types of support you can receive from a Patron are as follows:

Financial support
Practical support for career advancement
Networking and personal support

👇As a result, benefits like these will arise.

Opens the way to achieving goals (savings/starting a business)
More opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills
Gain new business opportunities and connections

It feels like it's all good.

"What my patron actually did for me" review

Many women are actually happy with the support they receive from their patrons.

For example, one woman, with the support of her patron,My college tuition was paid in fullSo I was able to graduate successfully.

And another womanWith the support of our patrons, we are able to start our own business.It has been a success.

I even paid off my student loans in full.

I can't sleep with my feet facing in the direction of my patron.

Examples of successful women using patrons

Famous Women's Patronage Success Stories

Many notable women have achieved success with the support of their patrons.
For example, famous artists and entrepreneurs have been able to develop their talents and achieve great success thanks to the support of their patrons.

Sari KatoHe himself has admitted to these things. I will add other celebrities who have admitted to having patrons.

Examples of how patronage can impact careers

Patronage goes beyond just financial support and has career-long impacts.

For example, you can gain new business opportunities by taking advantage of your patron's advice and network.
Having a patron also gives you the confidence to move forward towards your goals.

I often hear of businesses getting their patronage to give them advice and funding!

Disadvantages of "Patron"

The reactions of those around me when they found out I had a patron

Having others know about your patronage can change the impression they have of you.

The presence of a patron is important for those who are in the public eye or women who work during the day.Being exposed does not reflect well on society.Therefore, extreme caution is required.

I heard that Mr. XX has a patron...

That's so lewd, I wonder what she's thinking...

I want to see my parents' faces, I want to see them...

You may find yourself being pointed at in a way that you don't intend.
Remember that your actions may result in criticism from your parents, children, and even your partner.

Some of them have patrons, so they are often given jobs.There have been cases where job offers have been revoked

Just keep in mind that your actions, the people you associate with, and the decisions you make can potentially affect your family and friends.

Money is not your thing

Being too dependent on support from patrons can sometimes throw you off balance.

The previous standard of living was no longer enoughEven though they are able to live comfortably, they want more and more, and are desperate to hold on to money, the lifestyle they can spend that money on, and their position.

It is important to maintain a good balance between your income and expenses.Maintain a general sense that life with a patron is not arguably equally important.

A woman laughs at her patron's comment that her sense of money is going haywire, thinking, "There's no way I'd go crazy over such a small amount of money."

(Quote source:Moyugen)

👆There are also opinions like this

I think it's important not to suddenly change your living environment so that you can always return to your previous life.

Ordinary love is no longer enough

Once you get used to a relationship with a patron, normal romance can feel unsatisfying.

In a normal relationship, money doesn't come into play.It is.

This may seem like a very obvious thing to say, but if you have a patron for a long time,To be given something, to be pamperedSome women cannot find meaning in ordinary relationships, where compromises are sometimes necessary because such relationships become the norm.

Even after we ended the relationship and I got a normal boyfriend, I often found myself thinking, "Why doesn't he do this for me?"
In the end we broke up.

It is important to understand that your relationship with a patron is a special one and is different from an ordinary romantic relationship.

How to create a Patron

How to find the right patron for you

In order to find a patron that suits you, it is important to clarify your goals and stance.

It can also be effective to attend events through your network and connections to find patrons.

There are also now dedicated websites and clubs available for you to check out.

If you're looking for a patron, this is the site for you

Universe Club

"Universe Club"is a popular site for finding patrons. Women of all ages find patrons through this site, ranging from 18 to 50 years old.


PATOLO, the sugar daddy app

"PATOLO"is a reliable platform for finding patrons.

You can easily register using the Universe Club app and meet many potential patrons.
It can be said that as member stores other than Universe Club also enter the market, this will become a tool that will help find the next generation of patrons.

I also work here. Feel free to ask me anything.


"Peters"is a site that specializes in finding patrons, and is used by many women. Safety is also taken into consideration, so you can use it with peace of mind.

I think of it as the first stepping stone that most women looking for a patron have to go through.


"Labuan"is a highly rated platform for meeting patrons. It is a reliable site with many success stories.

It has a wide range of functions and is easy to use (actual feedback)

How to create a patron

Patron relationships are not permanent

The relationship with the patronIt's not permanent, so keep that in mind.
This means that support is not something that can be continued forever.

Be supported by a patronRespect the time frame and, if possible, clearly set the period and goals for which you will receive support.That is also important.

It is important to plan for your own growth during this time, and it can be said that it is more important to think of it as a temporary means to carve out your own path in life in order to live your own life.

Valuing time with people other than patrons

It's important not to focus too much on your relationships with patrons, but also to spend time with friends and family.

Living a balanced life increases your overall sense of well-being.

When you get used to a relationship based on money, you start doing things that don't generate money."has no meaning"I begin to feel that way.

In order not to end up in a terminal state,Priceless time for yourselfI hope you will incorporate this into your daily life.

How Patrons Impact Success

Perfect for achieving your life goals

Historically, receiving support from a patron has paved the way for people to achieve their life goals.

By utilizing not only financial support but also advice and networks, you can see the shortcut to success.

Grow by creating patrons

You can learn and grow a lot through your relationships with patrons.

Not only will you gain new knowledge and skills, but you will also clarify your own values ​​and goals.


I have written this information to help you understand more about patrons and take the first step towards finding one.

How was it?

If you are interested, please consider looking for a patron.
Your life may be enriched.
(But I can't guarantee it lol)

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