[Dad Activity App] Explaining the process of applying for Patro!

[Dad Activity App] Explaining the process of applying for Patro!


To join PATOLO, you must register through a member store.

Since we are affiliated with various dating clubs, including the major dating club Universe Club,

It is important to know the strengths and differences of member stores in advance and decide which club to register with PATOLO through.

This article explains in detail everything from PATOLO's interview process, how to choose a member store, and from registering to using PATOLO, so please use it as a reference.


What is PATOLO? How does it work? Is it a dating club?



Company universe group
female rates Free/Paid if you want to make a counter offer to a specific man

Registration fee Monthly plan: 11,000 yen

Annual plan: 110,000 yen (9,166 yen/month)

Talent fee varies depending on the woman

Schedule adjustment fee Varies depending on member store

* Added only when using order date

Talent tip (transportation fee) set by the woman herself with an amount up to ~20,000 yen

Gender ratio Male: Female = 3:7
Age group

 [Females] Most common in 18-early 20s, mid-20s, and 30s

[Male] Most are in their 40s and 50s

Year established January 2023

You can meet men from dating clubs using the app's specifications.

You can choose auto date or order date

Setting fees are cheaper than traditional clubs

Recommended people

I want to be active with a safe dad activity app

Women who want to be active without worrying about being ridiculed.




PATOLO includes Universe Group32 social clubs are membersThis is a platform for dad activity apps.

Despite being released last year, the number of members has exceeded 1.3.

Recently, it has become mainstream to meet dad-hunting partners through dad-hunting apps and sites that you can adjust yourself at home.

Once you have interviewed and registered, you can use Patro just like any other app.

Generally, dad-katsu apps only require a simple screening such as proof of age, but PATOLO, like a dating club, requires an interview.

However, you can choose a member store, and it is efficient because you can register for PATOLO at the same time as registering for a member club.



PATOLO registration process


From now on, I would like to explain the detailed registration process for those who want to use patolo.


①Apply for registration

First, I will explain the steps to the interview.


  1.  Access the PATOLO official website

    In order to conduct an interview at Universe Club, you must make an appointment for an interview.
    You can apply for a Universe Club interview from the link above.

  2. Tap the membership application button

    You can also apply on LINE.
    The Universe Group account will appear.
    It might be easier to do it from your smartphone 🥺✨

  3. Fill in the membership application form
    Enter your name, desired registration area, gender, age, email address, phone number, etc. and send.
    After sending your message, you will receive an automatic reply email saying "We have received your inquiry."

    Click here for the LINE version.
    LINE may have a smoother flow.

  4. Schedule an interview via email

    The management will contact you within 3 business days to schedule an interview via email.
    This completes your application for patolo membership.
    You can apply for an interview with PATOLO by clicking the button below.

    \You can apply for registration in a few minutes/

    Membership application


Check your belongings


What to wear when going on a date

(Clothes that show the lines of your legs and body OR clothes that are neat are recommended)






When you go to register, you will need two things: an ID card and a smartphone (one that can be read by LINE or email) for communication.

If you do not have a photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.), please prepare two documents that can confirm your identity (for example, an insurance card and a student ID card).

If you do not have your full name written on it, it will be less authoritative and will not be accepted, so if you are unsure, please check in advance if this is the only ID you have.


There is no problem with utility bill details.

if,Please note that if you forget your identification documents, you will have to change the date.



When it comes to clothes, come dressed as if you were going on a date.

It is best to avoid wearing clothes that will show the interviewer that you are not paying attention to yourself, such as wearing no make-up and a jersey.

Clothing that will appeal to men is a neat dress if they are said to have a pure appearance.

If you have a mistress-like appearance, tight clothing will catch your eye.

Basically, anything is fine as long as you are clean, wear clothes that are appropriate for a date with a man, and look good on you.

Go to the registration location of the desired member store

The registration location varies depending on the participating store.

Women must go to the registration venue designated by the merchant of their choice.

Since you will need to take photos, we recommend choosing a participating store that has a photo studio attached.

If you live in a local area or some affiliated stores, you may be able to register with your own photo.

There are participating stores that mainly conduct online interviews, so women who want to use their own prepared photos should choose such participating stores.




Men have interviews in nearby hotel lounges or offices.

If you feel more secure in an open area, we will accommodate you if you request a hotel lounge in advance.

Also, starting in 2020, men will be able to conduct online interviews in all prefectures.


Receive explanation about PATOLO


First of all, it depends on whether you want to use the member store as a social club.

Member stores also operate as social clubs (for example, Universe Club), so you may want to register for PATOLO while attending an interview for a social club.

There are two options: registering PATOLO alone.


When registering at each member store, each social club may have its own rules, so be sure to check to see if there are any differences.

Universe Club's profile is linked to PATOLO, soIf you register at the same time, your profile will be published with the same basic information and photos.Will be

In that case, there is no need to create a profile or take pictures separately from Patro.

Below is an explanation for registering only PATOLO.


Staff members are not determined to be male or female.

Some franchise stores only have male staff, so if you are concerned about this, choose a franchise store with full-time female staff.






The above will be explained.

If you have any questions or concerns, please check them during the initial explanation.



create profile

After the explanation,create profileTo do.

Contents published on PATOLOThe details are as follows. Please prepare in advance.



If you have something that you can appeal to as a plus and that you don't mind disclosing to male members, you can tell the staff and have them write it down.

Of course, you can also write your own information in the self-introduction section.


A patron name is a pseudonym used within the app.

You will need to set your full name, and it must not be the same as other members, so if you have a name you would like to use, prepare several patterns.


Things not disclosed to male members


Private information such as this will not be made public, and our staff will never personally teach it to male members.

PATOLO is recommended for those who want to use a dad-activity app to safely engage in dad-activity.

With other dad-hunting apps, you may be ridiculed, such as having your photo posted on a message board or not coming to a meeting.


Find a wonderful partner at PATOLO, where you can be a father with someone who is more gentlemanly and has both mind and body.



\Find a more secure partner with Patro/

Register for free on PATOLO

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