June 12, 2024

[Papa Activity] Thorough explanation of how to use PATOLO! [With images]


[Papa Activity] Thorough explanation of how to use PATOLO! [With images]

Thorough explanation of how to use PATOLO

In this article, we will give an easy-to-understand lecture on how to use the dad activity app PATOLO.


What is PATOLO? App? Social club?


PATOLO is based on the premise that you are registered in a social club, so it is essentially a social club.

This is a browser app that is perfect for dad activities.

Let's read this article and work together to master PATOLO!


Additionally, PATOLO is operated in accordance with the law.

Therefore, it is mandatory to submit identification documents, and message auditing is also included.

If you try to exchange contact information without paying the session fee, or engage in illegal or fraudulent activity, our staff will immediately notice.

You can rest assured that the reporting system is functioning well and the management support is generous.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, the member store in charge will respond responsibly and quickly, so even beginners can use the service with peace of mind.



How to use PATOLO

Overview of Patro

First, I will explain step by step how to use PATOLO.

Patro requires registration (examination) at a member store, so it is a bit of a hassle, but after passing the

It's easy to do, and you can match with the person you want in just a few simple steps.












① Apply for PATOLO registration

First, apply to register with PATOLO.

Access the official PATRO website, enter your name, email address, gender, etc., and send.

If you want to register in Tokyo even if the area where you live is far from the city center

If you are able to go to the registration venue, you can register at your preferred location.

(Example: Even if you live in Yokohama or Omiya, you can still register in the Tokyo area)


For more information, please check this article, which describes the application and registration process.


    \Review once more/



②Registration work (profile creation/photography) at the member store designated location

Registration work will be done at the date, time and location decided upon by the staff.

The types and range of items to be confirmed vary depending on the member store. Choose the affiliated store that suits you.

I have also written an article about what to wear for a date or interview (registration), so you might want to read it.


\Let's check the clothes/



③ Login information will be sent ➤ Login

If you pass the screening without any problems, you will receive login information within about a week.



Since the registration process is done manually, there is a possibility that the information you have entered may be incorrect, so please check your profile just to be sure.

This is what it looks like when you log in.


The list of men will appear first, so to check your profile first, tap My Page at the bottom right.


④Enrich your profile content such as the self-introduction section

Your profile is an important point that determines your father's first impression of you.

hereDepending on what is written, the impression from the father may be good or bad.



Some busy father candidates try to meet someone who makes a good impression at first glance to save them the hassle of exchanging messages.

Of course, there are also dads who read the contents carefully and check every detail.

Either way, create a profile that will attract dads.


If your dad doesn't reply to your messages even after editing your profile or adding more content,

There is a high possibility that there is a problem with your profile.


There is a high possibility that either the photo or the content does not stick to the man.

What kind of woman would you want to meet? Once you think about it, you can make the most of your strengths.

One way is to change your profile to one that clearly differentiates you from other female members.


If it doesn't look good in photos no matter how you think about it, please contact the participating store to request a retake.

If it has been more than half a year, they will be happy to respond.


Also, if it has been less than six months, it is also effective to upload self-portraits or other photos that have not been heavily edited and are clearly recognizable as the real person.

To avoid disappointment when you meet in person, it's easier to attract men's attention if you post an unedited photo that you think is well-taken.

The content you write in the self-introduction section is also important.


It will increase your impression.


⑤Search for the person you want to date

PATOLO isExtensive filtering functionsYes,Narrow down your search for daddy conditionsIt is possible to.


In addition to age and presence or absence of a photo, you can also narrow down your search by height, registered club, place of residence, and relationship type.

Since the relationship type is also set for men,You can find someone who matches your relationship stance.That is also an advantage of Patro.

Another feature of Patro is that it is easy to match with dads who match your criteria.



⑥ Send a message yourself

If you want to meet this man onceDon't hesitate to send your own message.

The male-to-female ratio is 7:3, with more than twice as many females.So I can't just wait for my dad to contact me.

Matching with your ideal fatherimpossible.

Messages are completely free, so there is nothing negative for men or women.


If there's a man you're interested in or a father you'd like to meet, send him a message.

You can also set the fixed phrase yourself, but then"I guess they're copying and pasting the same content to everyone."You might think so.

Check the profile contents of men you think are good and try to send messages that touch on the contents.

that way"I guess this kid is sending a message to me."It can give the impression that.



[Example of first message]

nice to meet you! Sorry for contacting you so suddenly 🥺✨

I saw Mr. ○○'s profile and felt very close to him, so I contacted him.

I also love food and have the same hobbies as △△, so I would love to have a drink and a meal with ○○.

I would be happy if we could get to know each other through messages. I'll be waiting for your reply ✨



If you can communicate smoothly through messages and give a polite impression,

It's easy to get people to think that you're different from other women, and this will especially hurt people who value your personality, so make sure to put effort into making yourself different.


⑦ Arrange the location and schedule

After interacting with each other and getting a general understanding of each other's personalities and stances, the men's side also“I would love to meet you.”When you reach that stage

You will receive a date request from the system.



You can discuss the location and time in advance, and if the time doesn't match, the woman can press cancel.

You can also adjust the schedule and then re-propose at a more convenient date and time.


*This image is an auto-date version, but an intermediary (a staff member from one of the member stores) is included in the process.

There are also order dates where members do not interact with each other. In that case, it will be an interaction with the member store rather than between individuals.


The smoothest method is to apply after you have decided on the date, time, location, and meal (tea, etc.).


⑧Have a face-to-face date

Finally, we meet face to face.

Once you have successfully applied and been approved by the system, you will have a face-to-face meeting with your father for the first time.

You will receive a notification via email or LINE at 8:00 a.m. the day before the date, so be sure to check it.



"I'll be able to come tomorrow as planned, thank you very much."It might be a good idea to let your partner know.

If your notification settings are turned off, you will not receive them, so please be sure to turn them on.


*You will not receive notifications from LINE just by turning on notifications, so be sure to also set up LINE integration at the same time.


On the day of the event, it may be a good idea to send a message explaining your attire, characteristics, and current location.

There is also a system that allows you to make calls, so you can connect them and meet up.


There are very few malicious male users on PATOLO, but please be aware of the following points to make a good impression.


Points to note when meeting face-to-face

If you have a break-up time, let us know in advance.

Always have a face-to-face meeting at a cafe on the first date.

Don't give out personal information

Check the other person's profile in advance

Let me know early if you will be late


When we met, I made a good impression on my dad.“I want to see you next time.” “I want to make this a regular occurrence.”I hope you will think that

It is also important to maintain good manners.



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