How to be a dad - Beginner's edition


When I graduated from high school or a student and decided to start my life as a father.

Some people may not know where to start.




How to live as a dad

A guidebook for those who don't know where to start.

I hope it will be helpful for those who create it and don't know what's right and what's left.


🔻Where do you do your dad activities?

When it comes to being a dad, there are fields that you are suited to and those that are not.

For example, the main ones are

Such as it will be mentioned.


So what does it mean to be in a field that suits you?


For example, A-san.


  1. I don't usually have trouble communicating with men on my cell phone.
  2. He understands his own strengths and weaknesses and is good at highlighting them.
  3. I have time to frequently log in and interact with the app.
  4. I don't want to involve a middleman
  5. There are people who are good at taking selfies and can ask others to take pictures with them.
  6. You can manage risk yourself



This type of woman is suited to a dad-hunting matching app, so we recommend starting dad-hunting from the app.

This meansHigh ability to self-produce事、

またYou are looking for a certain degree of freedom in your activities and are able to do so.That's because it's a matching app.



And Mr. B.

  1. It is better not to communicate until the day of the date.
  2. I want the staff to recommend it
  3. I want to meet a gentleman man after an interview (registration)
  4. I want to work in a place where there is no ridicule.
  5. I want to take beautiful photos
  6. I want a place to talk to when I have a problem.



A dating club is suitable for these women, so we recommend joining one.


Because,It is easier to ensure safety by having a deterrent effect from a third-party perspective.

Easy to follow, care for, and remove areas that cannot be reached on bulletin boards or apps.

That's the main reason.



🔻How else to find it?

Also, women who want to start their fatherhood life using SNS such as x are suitable for

I am a woman like the one below.


  1. I am good at promoting myself through post content etc.
  2. I want a relationship that emphasizes human nature.
  3. I want to work while interacting with various people.



This advantage is firstIt's not about appearance first, but about the inner side, personality, and character of the post.

Easy to get friendly withThere is a merit that.


The more the message you send resonates with the target man, the better the impression will be."I want to meet this woman."It will be easier for you to think that way.


In addition, encounters using X or bulletin boards may occur at dating clubs or social clubs.

There is a joining fee and a setting fee.“Costs required to meet” does not exist.



There is a saying that there is nothing more expensive than free, but we will lower the hurdles to meeting you.

In this regard, it can be said that it is by far the most specialized field.


How was it?

The point is...




Let's find a place and method that suits you more and allows you to continue without stress.

If you don't give up, you'll find more!

Let's live daddy!

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