What kind of personality makes it difficult to get offers from dating clubs?


was offered a job

“We look forward to providing you with a wonderful encounter, female members.”Look at the

I actually went there, took photos, posted them, and waited for an offer for several days.

I don't receive an invitation message on my cell phone...



“Even though I registered with a dating club, I haven’t received any offers.”

“Why haven’t I received any offers?”

"Maybe I should re-register with another club..."


Aren't you pushing yourself hard because you haven't heard anything?



While there are women who actually receive offers,

Unfortunately, some women who register do not receive an offer.

This time, I would like to explain the image of women who are not likely to get offers, rather than those who are likely to get offers.



First, let's talk in general terms.


The women who make men want to meet them on matching apps are as follows.


- Full of profile photos

・Profile is specifically written

・Enjoy conversation with Message J

・Appears to have a sincere attitude


(Model Press's“[A winning method for matching apps] Characteristics of women that men want to meet”Excerpt from column)


On the other hand, I don't need to meet this woman in general.

My image of a woman is as follows.



Indeed, if you ask me if I would like to meet a woman like this, I would think this way.


"I'd rather meet her than die, but I don't want to take the opportunity to meet another woman and take the time to meet her."


Then, even if money is incurred as an offer fee before meeting, and even if they meet face-to-face and become lovers,

hand over money"Papa life"In particular,What about the social club industry?



Basically, the specifications of dating clubs are different from the specifications of matching apps.


The basic specifications of the social club are as follows.


  1. Profile photos are taken by staff, so they are perfect.
  2. The content is enriched by adding objective comments from the staff.
  3. No need to send messages until the day we meet
  4. Sincerity may not be visible



With different specifications from matching apps, you can connect with many members.

In the world of comparison, it takes a lot of attention, captivation, and getting people to actually press the offer button.


I want to meet that woman even if I have to pay for it.

Something that makes you think

is required.



So, what kind of woman would you not want to pay money to meet?

4 characteristics of women who don't get offers at dating clubs

  1. She doesn't look appealing to the men who are registered in the club.
  2. attitude is too bad
  3. There are too many restrictions on dates, times, locations, etc.
  4. I have no personality, no will, no PR.



It is difficult for women like the above to receive offers.

= It's hard to feel like meeting someone in a relationship that involves money.


In terms of additional elements, there are also the following:




Key Points

・Just as there are reasons to be chosen, there are also reasons not to be chosen.

→It just doesn't stick to men, there are factors that can be changed by yourself.



If you are using a social club or are considering it, please refer to it.

Also, even if you don't get any offers, there's no need to feel down about it because there's no demand from men.

It's just that the fields are different.


Daddy activities can't be done only at dating clubs, so let's make full use of apps and promote them.

Let's live daddy! Sekiyuna

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