The trap of living as a dad who never sees you! Warning to women in their 20s

For women who are considering living as a father without seeing each other

Did you know that there is a danger lurking in the method of ``representing fathers who do not meet each other'', which has recently become a hot topic on SNS?
In this article, I would like to introduce the risks of this method through a story with various characters for women who work hard at night and women who have no experience in fatherhood.


Rumors of a dad who doesn't see each other

A certain coffee shop
Miki and Luna were chatting while waiting for Erika to arrive.
Erica arrived about 10 minutes late from the meeting time.

Erica: "Sorry I'm late! I overslept."
Miki: "Erica, it's been a while! You work until late at night. I can't help it. Huh? Are you getting a little cute again?"
Erica: "Thank you! Hmm, I think it's because I added a little hyaluronic acid and did a thread lift. Do you understand?"
Miki: "You've become cuter than when we met in the spring! I'll notice!"

Luna is overwhelmed by the conversation between the two.
Erica notices this and talks to Luna.

Erica: "By the way, Luna, have you gotten used to life in Tokyo?"
Luna:"Hmm. What do you think? The prices are high, and everyone seems like an adult, so I guess I'm still getting used to it."
Erica: "That's right. I've only been here for half a year. I'm getting used to it!"
Miki: "Before you know it, you might be waiting to pick up girls while shaking your hips at a club in Roppongi (lol)."
Erica: "Maybe he'll get drunk and go wild, saying things like Fuckin Beast ♡ Four! (lol)"
Luna: "Stop it! Both of you (lol)!"

Three people having fun chatting
Miki changes the topic after seeing X.

Miki: "Now that I think about it, there's a service that takes care of dads who don't see each other these days. Did you know that?"
Erica: "Can you be a dad without meeting each other? Also, what does it mean to be a substitute?"
Miki: “See, there was a lot of talk about itadaki girls, right? That kind of thing.”
Erica:"It's pretty suspicious just to be a dad, but it's even more suspicious if you don't see him."
Miki: "As expected of you! Erika! That's sharp. I was a little concerned too, so I looked into it. Then I found out that it's quite dangerous..."
Luna: "I see...I wonder what's so dangerous about it."

Daddy activities on behalf of

Miki: ``First of all, don't you think that acting as a father-hunting agent smells like fraud? On top of that, it doesn't make sense to do it without meeting him. Moreover, you may get into trouble after receiving the money. It seems like that.”
Erica: "Sure. But what kind of trouble is that? Was it actually money you shouldn't have received?"
Miki: ``That's right. There is a possibility that the money you received was obtained by lying to the man through fraudulent means, or the other person may have given it to you with malicious intent.''
Luna:"It's certainly dangerous, but if being a father who doesn't see each other goes well, you can make a lot of money easily."

Erika's friend's tragedy

Erica:``There is a child who was actually victimized. Her name is Yuri, and she said, ``This is a delicious story♪'' I lent her my name and school name, and the money was transferred to her a few days later. . ”
Miki: "Eh! You're lucky."
Erica"That's what you think, isn't it? But I found out later that the money that was transferred to her was from her father who had cheated her, and that ended up getting Yuri into trouble."
Miki: " was money that I shouldn't have accepted after all. What happened to Yuri after that?"
Erica: "In the end, Yuri got a criminal record because she was treated as a perpetrator. She seems to be living a normal life now."

Luna listens silently...

Luna's inner conflict

Luna: "That's a scary story... But it's ideal to be able to easily get money without meeting someone."
Miki: "But it's too risky. There's a safer way, so it's better to choose that!"
Luna: "What's the safe way? What?"
Miki:"You should register with a proper dating club and start being a dad."

The trap of not meeting dads and safe dads

Luna: "How do I find a proper dating club?"
Miki:"You can Google it, but the most real thing is X."
Erica: “Oh yeah! If I were a girl who was active as a dad.Paki-chanis famous, and if he is a father, these daysDirectorI wonder?”
Luna: "That's right. Both of you are very knowledgeable."
Erica: “I work nights, so even if I don’t like it, I get information (lol).”
Miki: "Oh yeah, and how to find a fat daddy and how to get along with him (lol)"
Erica: "It's important to find out whether you can trust someone through communication! There are some dads who think bad things about you."
Miki: "It definitely makes me feel safer when I have a dad I can trust and someone I can talk to."
Erica: "Register for a reliable dating club! It's important to have close communication with your dad!"


Start working as a dad →



A step towards a secure future

Miki: ``Luna! You've been looking gloomy for a while now, but the ``service for fathers who don't meet each other'' is risky and dangerous! Let's live the life of a father in a safe way."

Erica: "That's right. We are also available for consultation, so feel free to ask us anything."
Luna: "(Huh? I said I wanted to be a dad...well, if I had the chance.)"
Luna: "Thank you, both of you! I almost lost my heart. I'll do my best to be a father and put safety first."

Epilogue: Take the first step towards a safe future

After reading this article, I hope you understand the dangers of services that provide support for dads who don't meet each other. In order to live a safe life as a father, it is important to choose a reliable service and cooperate with your coordinator and friends. To live a safe and enjoyable life as a father, think calmly and make wise choices before taking risks.

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