[Must-see for women] Who are the popular women in daddy activities?


[Must-see for women] Who are the popular women in daddy activities?


Find a wonderful dad, earn money efficiently, and become a fat dad

I think there are many people who consider becoming a father thinking that their lives will be easier and more enriched if they have someone to surround them with.


Therefore, in this article, we will discuss what kind of women are popular on dad-hunting apps and dating clubs.

I would like to introduce you to what kind of character you portray yourself to and what you should be careful about to make it easier for men to notice you.


Popular women in dad life


What is dad life? What kind of system?

Daddy-katsu is a system where you go out for meals, go on dates, develop deep relationships, and receive allowances directly from men.

The amount is determined by consulting with the father, rather than an hourly wage system like in freebies or cabaret clubs.

In short, if both parties are satisfied, the agreement is successful; if either party does not agree, the agreement is unsuccessful.




There are no rules regarding first date (meeting) fees in the app.


Most people start by meeting face-to-face, but some people using the app

Face to faceSince it is an interview, I set it myself as 0 yen.people exist.

In addition, Face-to-face fee is 0 yen → If you are satisfied with the appearance conditions, you will be transferred to the hotel.Some people work in a pattern where they receive their allowance for the first time at that point.

In the app,Depending on men's values, they decide whether it is worth paying or not.That is one point.




Social clubs have rules regarding first date (meeting) fees.


It is a rule at almost every club to give some money at the first meeting in the form of transportation costs, tips, and gratuities.

Also, unlike the dad-katsu app, there is an extra setting fee.``Do you think there would be any benefit in meeting this woman?''It can be said that it is viewed from a severe perspective.

Let's take a look at the types of women who are likely to become popular assuming that money is exchanged.



First of all, there's nothing I can do if my appearance doesn't impress me.

After all, appearance is the entrance that men want to meet. Depending on whether you're cute or beautiful, it may or may not stick to you.

For some people, sex appeal and style are the most important criteria.

First of all, let's walk together and improve ourselves in a way that makes us proud.


communication ability

Communication is the most important thing when it comes to being a dad.

Even if you think your appearance is a bit more subtle than you expected, it won't be difficult to make it a regular occurrence if you can have a really fun conversation and get the man in the mood.

Ability to provide topics that are of interest to men, such as the number of topics that can be talked about, how to share ideas, how to arrange time, and topics that are of interest to men.women are,

It looks attractive to dads. This is one of the elements that will make you feel happy to be with you.



High specs

Of course, there are men who like women who don't know much about the world and who are like boxed girls, but men also really like women who share their knowledge and experience.

Women who are highly educated, can have intelligent conversations, and have specialized knowledge that men don't know are more likely to be respected and valued by men.

Even in dating clubs, it seems that medical students, aspiring lawyers, and women who graduated from national universities have a high rate of offers from their own men.



independent in spirit

In short, women who are called menhera are shunned. Mentally unstable women are sometimes treated by men."Troublesome" "Troublesome"It may seem that.

Even when it comes to fatherhood, independent women are more likely to be seen as attractive.

Men who are both financially and emotionally available tend to want a woman who can enjoy a relationship with her father without relying solely on financial or emotional dependence. And she is respected by her father as a woman.



Has tolerance and understanding towards dad.

As a partner, it is important to understand the other person's situation and needs, and to treat them with inclusiveness.

For example, if the father is under stress or pressure from work or family, don't force him to meet with him.

Lee cared about the other person, his attitude of trying to convey to the other person that he understood,

A woman who can show that she understands his pain and empathizes with him can make a good impression on a man who is looking for an emotional connection.



How is it?



The point is...


・Communication skills


・Mental independence

・Tolerance and understanding ability


Every point is very important.

Let's be conscious of what we can do from today and start living as a father.

Let's live daddy! cough

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