Dad activity face-to-face thorough explanation! Tips for safe and long-term enjoyment

Dad activity face-to-face thorough explanation

I can only feel anxious about meeting my dad!

Those of you who are thinking about trying your hand at being a dad may feel the same way.
No, I'm sure there are people who have experienced it as well.

Aren't you anxious?
What is it like to meet face to face? That's the story.
Even if you search on Google Sensei or X, advertisements will be displayed and the content will be so up and down that you won't know what the truth is.

So, this time we will talk about someone from the dating club, a member of the Universe Club staff for 8 years.
Member's feedback after the date Miyoshi, a loyal reader,
I will thoroughly explain the face-to-face meeting of dad life.

"Can I really get money? How much can I actually get?"
“What is the right thing to do when we meet face-to-face?”
"We already know how to meet each other. How can we connect on a second date?"

rest assured. I'll answer them all.

Understanding the face-to-face meetings of dad life - from the basics! Are there cases where there is no allowance? ?

What is the face-to-face meeting of dad life? What is the purpose, actual situation, and allowance market?

If you are a beginner and are not used to it yet, let's check together from the basics.
Daddy and daddy girls meet face to face for the first time. Have a chat over tea or a meal, and check each other's feelings and conditions.

The main purpose of a face-to-face meeting is to check whether the feeling is compatible.

Of course, both dads and dad-active girls are with each other.
When meeting face-to-face, check the following three points.


① Conditions…For example, how often you meet and the content of the date. What can I offer my father? How much does Dad want?
② Allowance...It seems that they often decide how much to pay for a meal, and how much to socialize after the meal.
③Do you think you will be able to like your father as a person?


First of all, if there are certain conditions that you absolutely cannot compromise on (such as no kissing), it is better to discuss them in advance. I feel more disappointed if I listen to it later than if I listen to it in advance.
The risk of severing the relationship increases.


Next, let's talk about allowances. It is difficult for women to talk about money matters. On the other hand, I've heard that fathers end up withdrawing money if they talk about allowances from the beginning.
In conclusion, in most cases, men will start the conversation.
Women are the ones receiving support, so they should wait for men to start talking to them.
If the allowance offered by the man does not match your wishes, please feel free to negotiate only once.
This is my personal feeling, but I don't feel comfortable accepting whatever amount a man offers.
The good thing about being a dad is that it's not about work, it's about free love, and both men and women can make their own choices.
On the other hand, if you back down too much, it will give off the impression that you are being greedy, making it difficult to build a good relationship in the future.
If you can't push it once, it's better to give up and accept it, or change your mind and look forward to another encounter◎


Finally, the most important point of meeting is to see if you can like your father as a person.
Follow your feelings and sensations.
Even people who have arranged marriages cannot immediately tell whether they are the ideal marriage partner with whom they can have a long-term and wonderful relationship.

So at first, if you feel like you can get along a little better, then ◎
He seems like a nice person somehow. We had a fun conversation. It would be great if you could think so.

On the other hand, no matter how good your allowance is, spending time with someone who feels physically impossible is painful and emotionally damaging.
If it exceeds your mental capacity, it is better not to date.

That's true. Naturally, men will also decide on future relationships based on whether or not they enjoy spending time with you.
Even if she is extremely beautiful, the relationship will not last long if she is timid and doesn't enjoy the date (she is not interested in the man in front of her and is only interested in the money).
Even if a woman is not confident in her looks, there is potential for a woman who can respond warmly.

Dad life meeting → What is the average allowance? Sometimes there is no allowance

You may be wondering what the actual allowance is for face-to-face meetings. There is a lot of information on SNS, such as people who earn more than 10 yen a month just by meeting face to face.
On the other hand, there seems to be an increase in the number of fathers who say, ``I don't pay for face-to-face meetings because they are not part of my father's activities!''
At Universe Club, the allowance for the meeting is called transportation expenses, and it is always given by the male voice to the female voice. The rule is that the amount is between 5,000 and 10,000 yen and is determined by the man.
In the case of PATOLO, the transportation fee (tip) is set by the woman between 0 and 20,000 yen.
Apps have the advantage of being easy to use, and the club also has the advantage of giving you peace of mind because you will always receive a face-to-face allowance.


Now, let's take a look at the flow of the face-to-face meeting. From matching to starting father life

What is the basic flow of face-to-face meetings for dads?


① Decide on the date, time and place

Once you are matched with a dad on the Dad-Katsu app, you will decide the date, time and location of the meet-up via message.
The first message you send to your dad will leave a good impression if you begin with a polite greeting.
The template is for reference only, and the text should include your own personal style◎

As for the date, time, and location of the meeting, let your father know if there are any conditions that you would not like, and basically let him agree to the rest.
In the case of a dating club, the staff intervenes to set up the date (men and women do not directly exchange messages before the date).

② Check compatibility and conditions while having tea and meals

On the day of the meeting, we will check out each other's compatibility and requirements over tea and food.
Meetings are often held at cafes, restaurants, etc. for 1 to 2 hours. (Approximately 2 hours at Universe Club)
This is where we mutually confirm the conditions, allowances, and feelings of being a dad.
Also, if you want to earn money by being a dad, of course you need to be liked by your dad.
Therefore, it is important to be a good conversationalist. Make a conscious effort to encourage the conversation from the woman's point of view. Attention is also important.
I tend to get nervous when I meet someone for the first time, but they don't say anything, they don't smile much, and they always talk about money from the beginning. If that happens, my father will also feel anxious.
It's unlikely that you'll want to meet them again.
If you think, ``This girl is nice. I can talk to her and she's fun to be with,'' you'll naturally be asked to go on the next date.
Even if you cannot agree on the terms and decide not to meet again, be sure to be polite until the end to avoid any trouble later on. I would also like to thank you for the meal.

③ Send a thank you message on the same day!This is important

It may not make sense, but this is an important point.
After meeting and disbanding, send a thank you message to your dad.
Please think of this as a set and a look.
It's best to send a message to your dad within an hour or two of breaking up, such as on the train home.
By sending a thank you message, you can make a good impression on your father.
What I would like to convey to those who are still students or who are not very keen on it is,
``In a business setting, it is good etiquette to always thank the other party after a dinner.''
Many fathers are socially successful and often hold senior positions in their organizations.
There are very few dads who neglect these business etiquettes.
Therefore, even if you make a good impression when you meet someone face-to-face, the lack of a thank-you message often causes your image to deteriorate.
There are many cases where dads are not willing to invite the woman next time if the woman's LINE response is slow or if she doesn't contact him. In fact, I have seen such cases many times.
If you feel good about your first date, try contacting him several times before your next date.
At the very least, be sure to send a thank you email on the same day.


I want to make the meeting between fathers a success! Points to keep in mind

Key points for a successful father-hunting meeting

①Date-like clothes

You might think this is obvious, but I often see in surveys that dads say they were disappointed in their clothes.
In the past, there were girls who went on dates at high-class meeting places wearing outrageous outfits such as jeans sneakers and character socks.
Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you need expensive clothes.
GU or GRL is fine.
Recommendations can be found by searching for "announcer clothes dating"Image of skirt/dress.
In other words, clothes that are classy and show off your body line are the best.

Easy to understand and recommended ↓
What clothes do you recommend for dad activities? Thorough explanation of important points, precautions, and the important role of clothing

② Don't be late or cancel your appointment at once.

It may seem like I'm being lazy, but this is a really important point.
Being a dad is not work, and meeting someone for the first time is stressful. If this person were working at a store, there would be penalties for absenteeism without permission, but there is no such stopper in Papakatsu. I still don't like it, so I quit. It's very easy to do.
As a side note, there was a time when it was all the rage at Universe Club for women to be late for a date or cancel on the date because they had fallen down the stairs and injured themselves.
I think I listened to it at least once a week. However, I have never received such a call since I joined the company during the female registration interviews, which I do every day as well as dates. (At least for me.)
I don't think they're all lying, but I think it's a lie that they all fell down the stairs and got hurt.

What I want to tell women is that the value of your father's time is more important than you imagine.

③ Take care of your valuables during the meeting and be careful about theft.

Don't bring your ID or more money than necessary on your date.
This rarely happens to men who use dating clubs,
There are some incredibly vicious dads out there who steal money from women and run away with money without paying the bill.
To avoid becoming a victim, be sure to follow the slogan, "Keep your valuables safe!"
For example, when you go to the shower or toilet, it is safer to take your belongings with you instead of leaving them behind.

④ Actively liven up the conversation and make the date a fun one

This is the turning point that leads to the second date.
Unless she is a super beautiful woman, a woman who is passive and does not make an effort to face her father will not be chosen by her father.

I once had the opportunity to be in charge of re-shooting a woman who had been in a relationship with several dads over the years, and I was curious about how her relationships went, so I asked her.
All the dads get along like friends and it's fun to meet them. When she said that, I was convinced from the bottom of my heart that this woman was extremely popular.

However, there are many women who are shy or find it difficult to talk.
If you don't know what to say or are too nervous to talk, read the dad's profile thoroughly before meeting.
In other words, not having anything to talk about means that you are not interested in the other person.
For example, what are your hobbies, how do you spend your holidays, your past relationships, work, what kind of dates do you like, and when do you feel happy?
If you had a long-term relationship with someone in the past, what were the good things about that woman?

While you're on the date, do your best to show interest in the dad in front of you and talk to him, and do your best to make the date a fun time.
Even if you don't do well, your attitude of trying your best will definitely be conveyed.

Have a wonderful daddy life!


We recommend Patro to those who want to start being a father but are really worried.
This may be difficult to discuss with acquaintances, but the staff at the dating club are professionals in the father-hunting industry.
We will support you together. How can I be loved and become a successful father-active girl?

Leave it to us.


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