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Dad's worries

Hello. My name is Miyoshi and I am a member of the Universe Club staff.
I would like to send out useful information to men who are enjoying the life of being a father, and men who are a little tired of being a father.
Today we will talk about app fatigue.


Let me tell you the conclusion first.

If you are going to be a dad, we definitely recommend using a dedicated app/site.
I think half of my fatigue with apps is the hassle of finding a partner, and the other half is the hassle of meeting someone.
First of all, if you want to reduce the hassle of finding a partner, I would first suggest using a specialized app.

- Easy to meet as it is structured
・Most of the women understand father activities (registered for the purpose of father activities)
・Since there are many registered users, you can choose the woman who suits your tastes.
・Safety and security as the management side puts emphasis on patrol and management to comply with the law
・No photo fraud (Kousai Club or PATOLO)

・Actually, there are few specialized apps.
・More expensive for men than regular matching apps

If you prioritize time, safety, and peace of mind, we recommend the Daddy-Katsu dedicated website and app.

I want to keep costs down anyway. I want to go on an adventure and find an untouched woman! In that case,
I'm not an expert, but I think it's true because there are some women who are actually trying to become fathers through apps and SNS.
However, there are some apps that require age verification, and if a friend of mine were about to start one, I would stop.

Anyway, will X really become a dating app in 2024? I'm really curious and looking forward to it.
If this is true, we may enter an era where people can search for partners more safely on SNS.
I'm excited about the possibility of creating unexpected features and episodes.

Yahoo News: Overseas media reports that Elon Musk has announced that "X will become a dating app and digital bank in the next year."


“Dad Life Exclusive App”

Even if you search for this word, you will find many hits in the recommended ranking of dad activity apps,
We are an app that specializes in dad activities! That's it
It's hard to find things that are being promoted.
The reason is that

・Dadakatsu is difficult to pass review as an app.
・Development becomes expensive
・Dad-hunting itself is a gray industry, and companies are at risk because there is no clear manual for operating the business in accordance with the law.

That's the rough reason,
Before that reason, it's simply that. That's what I think.
Because I don't think it's okay to exist as an app that easily.

When my child searches for a good app, I don't want him to accidentally show me a daddy activity app, and I shouldn't show him that.
Therefore, it is our preference as staff in the father-hunting industry to stay out of the public eye and act as guides to adults who need them.

I also think it's interesting because it's a secret world that only adults can look into.
And it's not something I'd recommend to all adults.
For those who are living a happy and honest relationship with their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives, we want them to continue to build wonderful relationships.
When I think that there are so many wonderful couples like that, it makes me feel relieved that humans have not given up on us.
For such people, dad-hunting is not only rags, but filth.

But in this world, there are many different types of lovers and couples that I can't tell anyone about.
We know that there are people who are suffering like hell because of this.
There are people whose hearts are saved by being a dad.


To be honest, even though it's not pretty,

Of course, there are many men and women who enjoy being a father in a lighter way.
This is because a ``good feeling'' is valuable both to those who are in difficult circumstances and to those who are happy and not dissatisfied with their current situation.
It is no exaggeration to say that the purpose of life is to live in a good mood.
People pay money to buy things, eat out, and go on trips to feel good.
Feeling good comes at a price.
There is a father who gets a good feeling from dating young and cute women.
There are girls who are active in daddy life and feel good about spending money on things they like with the support they receive from being a daddy.

"I want to date a young and cute woman no matter how old I am."
"I want money."

Isn't this something everyone thinks about?

It's not fair to say that you want to feel good about being a dad, as it goes against social morals about love.
However, men's desire to spend exciting time with young women will not disappear from the world even 100 years from now.
However, I think everyone knows that finding a second partner in a private relationship can easily lead to chaos.
You could seriously hurt your original partner and threaten your own social standing.

That's why the father-hunting industry is needed as a love vaccine.
And since it is a secret activity, it is important that it is safe and secure. Working within a framework that follows the rules is the shortcut to success.


Photos can be trusted [Apps not exclusively for SNS/dad activities<Dedicated application<dating club
But what is difficult is the benefits for women.

When I work as a staff member at a dating club, the complaints I receive from women are generally similar.

・The photo is not well-presented (because it is not processed at all)
・There are fewer offers (this is because there are not many photos, and because men's rates are per offer rather than subscription, there are fewer dating opportunities than on apps)
・I have to post photos even though I can't make money

→ It's easy to fall into apps where you can select and edit your own photos or falsify your age.

This is inevitable.
There are many women who come to the dating club and say that the app made them feel scared.
Many women do not see the benefits of registering for a dating club and move to apps.

To be honest, dating clubs are not suitable for women who need money right away and are not very confident in their looks or conversational skills.
However, I would like to apologize to both men and women for not being able to take attractive photos.
I think this is a different issue than not processing it.
Compromise between both the woman and the staff is essential to take good photos.
To be honest, there are differences in shooting techniques among the staff.
I live in Tokyo, so the information is biased toward Kanto, but

Ikebukuro office: Hirakawa
Shinjuku Office: Dan
Shibuya Office: Akai
Omiya Office: Uehara
Chiba Office: Takasaka
Umeda Office: Akaashi
(As of 2024 year 4 month)

This is at a high level that you can feel safe asking anyone.

However, there are many other important points that determine whether it is easy to receive an actual offer, such as not only the shooting but also the interview, the introduction, the composition of the video, etc.
Each staff member has different areas of expertise, so
When you feel that the staff in front of you are serious about producing you,
I hope that you will trust the staff, open your heart, and work on creating your profile together.


This can only be done with a dedicated website or app. But depending on how you take it, it can be useful or meaningless.

For example, "meal beggars", "face-to-face exchanges", and "relationship type scams" often seen on SNS.

Unfortunately, there are women who actually do this kind of thing out of malice.
However, some things are a little different. There are many cases in which women are not at fault.
If you set up a date at a dating club, you can get a little idea of ​​the details of the date.
Then, after setting up several people, women who have a good relationship with their fathers may suddenly receive negative feedback.
To put it bluntly, the man was just dumped.

Man: "It's a scam. He was actually a frivolous child who didn't think about adults at all. He should be expelled from the register."
Woman: “This time it just didn’t suit me, so I turned it down.” (I’ve received feedback from both men and women that things are going well with other men)

I can not say…! ! ! ! orz
Even men who don't get along well often receive great feedback from other women.
Compatibility between men and women is really difficult.

Maybe it was difficult for women to refuse gracefully on the spot, so they said it in a way that could be misunderstood.
You can't really say something straight like, ``I'm prepared, but I'm not sure about you.''
Or do most people just want to be told clearly?
I've seen on social media that when I refuse a request, the attitude of a previously kind man suddenly changes.
Unfortunately, the feedback from the club doesn't solve the problem.
In such cases, it is understandable that women try to find a way to break up with each other in an amicable atmosphere.
I would love to hear from dads around the world about what kind of refusal would cause the least amount of damage.


Have a fun life as a dad

I think it takes courage for both men and women to start working as fathers.
There are many people who have circumstances that they cannot tell anyone about, so
If you're going to be a dad anyway,
As safely and securely as possible,
And I sincerely hope that he enjoys being a dad.

As long as there are adults who are in dire need of fatherhood, our dating club staff will continue to seriously strive to improve our services.


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