[Bad comments!?] Real reviews of the dad activity app are revealed!

[Bad comments!?] Real reviews of the dad activity app are revealed!


When using the Dadkatsu app,

“I wonder what kind of men you are meeting?”

“I wonder what kind of dates other people go on.”

Have you ever thought that?


Or when you feel really bad on a date (if that happens)

"Am I the only one experiencing this?"

Do you ever feel anxious?


In dating clubs and apps specializing in dad activities called PATOLO,

I am publishing my impressions of the date I actually met.

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If you can get a glimpse of what is actually happening in the dad-hunting area.


"I'm not the only one experiencing this"

``Even though everyone was struggling, through trial and error, we were able to receive good reviews like this.

Is it improving?”

``On the other hand, this kind of attitude and comment can be a land mine for men.''



It may also be helpful as a reference.

We hope you find it useful in your own activities.

Let's take a quick look at what's included.

Let's pay attention to the following points.


Let's start from here.

Reviews from men to women

①Better than the real thing than the photo


This is important.

Negative phenomena that tend to occur with dad-katsu apps

This is because the real thing is a different person who looks nothing like the photo.


``It's frustrating to think that I would have to pay a meeting fee to a woman who could only be described as a photo fraud.''

"I feel like I've been cheated"


We often see things like this, and men are moved when they discover that the real thing is better.


No matter how good a woman looks, photos taken at a dating club are

It's different from a processed woman, so when you actually meet her, people often think you're a wonderful woman.


Even recently,


・The real thing was better than the photo

・I'm glad the photo looked just like the profile.


These words are often mixed in with compliments.

Good impression as per profile




On the other hand, in terms of bad reviews,The photo and the real thing were different in a bad way, there was a gap.What is that?

It seems like it gives a bad impression.


A little different from the photo





② Enjoy conversation.


Reviews from men


I have the impression that the following women are also highly rated.


・Speak by yourself

・Laugh often

・Many topics to talk about


And I get the impression that all of these factors, combined, have led to a lot of excitement and good results (word of mouth).

Even in activities that involve so-called sex, there are very few men who are only looking for sex.

You can see that they place importance on the content (the content of the conversation during the meal).




On the other hand, if you are too passive, if you only respond with "yes" or only agree, and the conversation cannot be established, this may lead to a negative evaluation.

Let me give you an example.





③ Politeness and language usage


Polite and impressive





Men areEtiquette is often important.

There's no harm in anyone keeping track of this.


・Greetings yourself

・Choose your language (use polite language)

・If you are late or rude, apologize


It's a good idea to check these basic things, as men often look at them.

There are some women who have bad reviews because of their lack of manners. See example.





How is it?

The point is...


①The real thing is cuter than the photo

② Conversation is fun

③Etiquette and language


Please keep this in mind (though it may be difficult to say that the real thing is better...) and try your hand at activities.

Look at other people's pretense and correct your own.

Let's live daddy! It was Sekiyuna.


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