[For beginners in dad life] Apps are not suitable! What about the social club?

[For beginners in dad life] Apps are not suitable! What about the social club?


Although he has started working as a father, working on an app is not suitable for him.


Some people feel this way after actually using the app, or realize that P-Katsu itself is not suitable for them.

Isn't there one?


Social club options


If you feel that it is not suitable for you, it does not mean that being a father is not suitable for you.

There is a possibility that meeting someone on a dad-hunting app is not suitable for you.


It is true that you can easily start using the p-katsu app from the comfort of your home.

For those who have the time and effort to register, I would like to recommend another option.


That is, This articleAlthough it is also stated in


Dating club.


By registering with a dating club, it becomes more possible for p-active girls to meet the kind of men they want to meet.


Those using the Papakatsu app also pay a monthly membership fee.

Of course, it is assumed that those who can afford to support are registering.

The fees for dating clubs are orders of magnitude higher than those for dad-katsu apps, so

More financially secure and screened men sign up as members.



Let's take an example.


[Example: Universe Club]

Requires admission fee (tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen) + setting (tens of thousands of yen) + first date (5000 yen to 1 yen).

In addition to that, you will have to pay for dinner (lunch or cafe) at a restaurant, and if you develop it, you will have to pay an allowance, so it will be quite expensive.

Unlike apps, it is not possible to offer unlimited meetings such as subscriptions or 0 yen for face-to-face meetings.

As a rule, you are required to hand it over.

Women feel more secure and easy to use.




How many types of social clubs are there?

There are a wide variety of social clubs, and there are different types depending on the region.


Generally, many social clubs exist in large cities and urban centers.

There are also some local cities and rural areas where social clubs exist.


The range varies from small businesses run by a small group of elite members to major social clubs.

I will list some famous dating clubs, but I am not sure exactly how many types there are in the country.


Types of major dating clubs



And so on.



Other major clubs, especiallyGeneral incorporated association, social club associationIt may be a good idea to refer to the clubs registered in .

To be honest, there are many options out there if you look for them in terms of safety, scale, quality, etc.

It is very important to register and find out which club is right for you.


Be sure to check the important items as well.

Please refer to this when applying.



🔻Let's actually apply!

“It kind of seems like it would suit me.” “It looks good after reading the reviews.”Select a club such as and apply from the website.


Here's the point.

Even if you register as an affiliate through a link such as ``If you want to find a thick P, this is the place to go♬'' on X etc.

Registration criteria (recruitment) will not be affected whether you register from the website or through an introduction from a friend.

Basically, if you are fine with either, please apply through the official website.



The reason is that I was influenced by the content of the post written in the affiliate's X,

mediatorThere may be some concerns that the content of the guidance may be based on what is convenient for women or tips such as loopholes in the rules.It is.

When applying, keep in mind that the person who introduces you to a dating club can be a first impression or preconception.


A person in charge of registration and information will contact you.

In some clubs, the staff at the reception desk will contact you.

There are some clubs where the owner is in charge from the beginning to the completion of registration.


Please make sure that we can communicate smoothly from the time you apply until the day of your application.

We also take care of the correspondence and courtesy, including whether we can communicate smoothly until the day of the event.It is seen as.

Did you contact us early (at least in advance) when rescheduling?, are also often checked.

It may feel awkward to contact them, but please use common sense.



How was it?

The point is...


・There is also the option of a social club.

・How to find the club that suits you among the many clubs available

→Refer to the data and reviews that can be read from the official website

- Maintain smooth communication with the club until the day of the event.


Please include it as an option.

Let's live daddy!



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