June 11, 2024

[Sugar Daddy Activity] Perfect for meeting someone! Choose this place to meet!

👇Meeting spots by area found in this article

Meeting your sugar daddy in person is a very important point in starting your sugar dating relationship safely.
The first impression you make will have a big impact on your relationship with the other person, so you'll want to choose a place with a calm atmosphere where you can talk in a relaxed atmosphere.
This time, we will introduce cafes and lounges suitable for sugar dating in the areas of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Ginza.

Please bookmark this and use it as reference when you actually meet!

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Our female staff members who have experience in sugar dating are providing useful information for sugar dating!

Shinjuku area

The lounge boasts luxurious interiors and a relaxed atmosphere, giving it a high-class feel and allowing you to spend quality time here.

This cafe is located inside Lumine Est, which is directly connected to Shinjuku Station. Its bright and casual atmosphere will ease any tension you may have when meeting someone for the first time.

This lounge is located within walking distance of Shinjuku Station in the Keio Plaza Hotel. You can enjoy a relaxing time in an elegant space surrounded by artworks.

This hotel lounge is located at the west exit of Shinjuku Station. It has a great view from the window and is a quiet place to talk.

A cafe located inside a luxury hotel. You can spend a special time in a sophisticated space.

A hidden coffee shop with a quiet and calm atmosphere.

The spacious seating arrangement at this coffee shop ensures privacy, making it ideal for relaxed conversation.

First you have to choose: a hotel lounge or a cozy cafe!

Shibuya area

Recommended cafes for meeting people in Shibuya

This cafe features classical interior design and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where you can have a leisurely conversation.

This cafe features a calm interior and a quiet space where you can spend some relaxing time.

A modern and stylish café, offering a relaxing space where you can chat.

This restaurant café has a stylish atmosphere and is perfect for long conversations as you can also enjoy your meal.

A lounge in a luxury hotel. A quiet and elegant space where adults can enjoy time together.

This cafe is located inside a hotel directly connected to the station. Its convenient location and relaxed atmosphere are its attractions.

A modern and stylish café bar with a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for casual meet-ups.

A café surrounded by art. The creative atmosphere is refreshing and a great conversation starter.

Shibuya is a town for young people, so people who are worried about being recognized
It might be safer to meet in another area or in a private room.

Ikebukuro Area

A quiet and calm coffee shop where you can relax and chat while maintaining privacy.

A cafe with a retro atmosphere where you can spend a relaxing time.

The classical interior and quiet atmosphere make it a great place to have a relaxed conversation.

A coffee shop with a relaxed atmosphere. You can have a long conversation in a quiet environment.

A cafe surrounded by books. The quiet and calm atmosphere is appealing.

The hotel lounge has a luxurious feel and creates a special atmosphere.

A casual café bar where you can chat casually.

Where is a good place to meet up for a sugar daddy date?

It might be worth visiting Tsubakiya, a popular place among sugar daddy app users, just for the experience!

Ginza area

A lounge in a luxury hotel. Enjoy a special time in a luxurious atmosphere.

The lounge has a stylish and relaxing atmosphere, making it a quiet place to talk.

A lounge with a modern design and an elegant atmosphere.

A stylish and sophisticated lounge, perfect for relaxing.

A coffee shop with a calm atmosphere where you can relax and talk while maintaining privacy.

A modern and casual café restaurant with an appealing atmosphere where you can chat casually.

A high-class coffee shop with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where you can have a relaxed conversation.

Ginza has an image of being affluent, so hotel lounges are the norm for meetings.


A cafe or lounge with a calm atmosphere where you can relax and chat is ideal for meeting someone you're looking to date.
Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Ginza each have their own wonderful spots that meet a variety of needs. Choose a place in each area that suits your situation!
You're sure to have a special time.

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