Is it possible to be a father with just food? Thorough explanation of the actual situation and characteristics of men and women!


“I want to start working as a father.” “Can I make money just by eating?”

Among the dad activities that have been increasing in recent years, the ``meal-only dad activity'' is one that has less risk to himself. Some people who want to live as a father without an adult worry about how to make money with just food.

In this article, we will introduce a strategy for making money with older men and dad-hunting men by just eating together.

In the second half, I will introduce some stories about dad activities that I actually experienced, so if you want to do dad activities that involve only meals or are curious about dad activities, please refer to this.

Author's self-introduction: I am currently 24 years old and work at a restaurant. She has the highest rank on the dating app and has had meals with over 3 dads over the past 30 years. Based on my experience of interacting with various men, I will provide you with information on how to be a successful father!

Being a dad is possible with just food

Daddy life with only food
Depending on how you do it, you can make good money by living as a father who only eats. However, if you let your father know from the beginning that you are only going to eat, it will be difficult to continue and it will be difficult to build a relationship.

Therefore, if you want to be a dad with just food, it is recommended that you let him know when you agree on the conditions. If you get confused, it may cause trouble when you meet, so if you let them know properly, you can have a safe life as a father.

Also, many men who are trying to become fathers want to be ``adults.'' At first, some men only want food, but as the relationship continues, there are many who want physical contact, so be careful.

Therefore, if you are asked if you have an adult with you, it's a good idea to try to stretch things out by saying, ``I'd like to have a meal with you first,'' or ``Once we have a relationship of trust.''
In order not to have an adult relationshipThere are many men who ask for an adult relationship, even if it's just for food, so it's important to set up a line of defense in advance. In order to prevent the relationship from becoming an adult, be sure to say that you respect and trust the other person.

Men tend to be less likely to betray a woman if they trust her, so being proactive can be effective.

In addition, you need to be careful not to get into a sexual mood. Daddy is more likely to try to develop an adult relationship with you if you go to a dark, quiet place or a less popular spot with a night view, so try to go to a popular and lively place.

Market price for a dad who only eats meals

When it comes to dad-hunting, the allowances you receive will change depending on your location and age, so the market price will also vary. The market prices broken down by urban and rural areas and by age are shown in the table below.


age Urban area Region
18 to early 20s 10,000-20,000 yen 5,000-10,000 yen
Late 20's 10,000 Yen 0-10,000 yen
30 fee 5,000-10,000 yen 0-5,000 yen
40 fee 5,000-10,000 yen 0-5,000 yen

Compared to Papakatsu with an adult, the price of Papakatsu with only rice is generally lower, around 1 yen. In recent years, fatherhood has become more active and the number of women has increased, reaching a saturation point, so overall prices have been falling.

However, if you connect with a father who you can meet regularly, it will be easier to negotiate the price, and if you live in a metropolitan area, there are many men who are active as fathers, so it will be easier to get a higher allowance.

Characteristics of daddy girls who can earn money just by eating

Daddy live girl
In order to earn money by being a dad with just meals without an adult, you need to make an effort to make your dad happy and have a good time. What are the characteristics of daddy girls who earn money just by eating?

Here, we will introduce the characteristics of such women. The following are three characteristics of women who earn money through being a father who only eats.



⦁ Neat appearance that dads like
⦁ Has manners, knowledge, and education
⦁ High talk skills

Now, I will explain them in order.

・Neat appearance that dads like

It is said that elegant and sophisticated women receive the highest allowances when it comes to daddy activities that involve only meals. There are many men who want to go on a date with a beautiful woman they don't normally meet, even if they have to pay a lot of money, and some who are satisfied with just a meal.

Also, dating a classy woman will make you feel like your time is worth it. Make an effort to improve yourself by dieting, investing in yourself, etc. so that you have the look that men like.

・Have manners, knowledge, and education

If you have an understanding of stocks and investments, there is a high probability that you will like it. In particular, high-income men and business owners tend to prefer intelligent women, so if you have basic business knowledge, you will be able to increase your favorability just by eating.

If you try to act according to the TPO and have enough knowledge to understand what your father is saying, it will be easier to earn money even just by eating.


・High talk skills

A woman who is interesting to talk to and seems to be energetic when you meet her is more likely to form a relationship with a father without an adult.

If you learn about the hobbies that men like and become a good listener by considering the tempo of the conversation and the timing of your exchanges, the men will also feel better when you're talking to them, and your chances of repeat business will increase.

3 characteristics of a rice-only dad

Dad who only eats food
In order to live as a father who only eats meals without an adult, it is important to choose the men you want to target. Here, we will introduce the characteristics of such men.

There are three characteristics of men who are more likely to be fathers who only eat meals:

⦁ Have money and high social status
⦁ I think being a dad is just about eating.
⦁ Older age group

Now, I will explain them in order.


-Have money and high social status

Men who have money and high social status generally have no problems with women. Many men go to high-end sex shops when they want to have fun, so some men are active as dads purely to enjoy eating and talking with young women, making them easier to target.

People with high social status have a lot of burdens on their shoulders, and if they get into trouble, it might hinder their work, so they probably don't do anything like let go. Most of them are gentlemen, and there are few who force physical relations with them, so this is recommended.

・I think being a dad is just about eating.
Some men who start out as dads only want to eat from the beginning. Since he is married and not looking for an adult relationship, and does not want to have a physical relationship in the first place, he can enjoy meals and be a father with peace of mind.

Even among men who are trying to become fathers, it is rare to see men who only eat food, so once you grab them, don't let them go.

- Older age group
Daddy life with only meals is also recommended for men in their late 60s to early 70s. As men age, their sexual desire tends to decline.

There are many men who are satisfied with just the extraordinary feeling of being able to spend time with a young child, so there is a higher chance that they will be able to become a father who only eats than other fathers. On the other hand, even if you get older, some people may try to have an adult relationship with you, so be careful.


Tips on how to be a daddy only for meals by an experienced girl in her 20s

Tips for living as a dad with only meals

For those of you who don't know what to talk about or how to respond to your father's activities, here I would like to introduce you to the points that I am conscious of while doing my father's activities. We will introduce some tips and things to keep in mind when actually meeting and talking, so please use this as a reference.

There are three important points when it comes to being a father:

・Don't be too humble

・Do not talk too much about yourself and return to the topic in moderation

・Praise with humor

・Don't be too humble

In order to bridge the gap between the messages you send before going out for dinner and the actual meeting, try to avoid formal sentences and try to show your energy as much as possible. Older men want to enjoy a pseudo-romance, so it's easier to please a woman who looks like a friend or junior to you. Be careful, if you use formal honorific language or have poor reactions, you won't be able to get closer to the other person, and you may not be able to enjoy the meal together.

・Do not talk too much about yourself and return to the topic in moderation

Many men have high self-esteem and pride, so by praising them while digging deeper into their boasts and accomplishments, it's easy to gain psychological trust that says, ``This woman will listen to me.'' If you talk only about yourself, the man will get tired of trying to get back to you, so if you keep the conversation moving at a good pace and focus on the other person instead of just yourself, you'll have a more enjoyable time.

・Praise with humor

If you add a bit of tsukkomi or humor to your compliments in a conversation, it will be easier to give a man the impression that you are interesting to talk to. There are various types of men, such as those who tend to drink more and make father gags, and those who make dirty jokes, so if you prepare a few ways to deal with it and talk to them while avoiding them, you can get the other person in a good mood. It will be hard to lose.


[Actual experience] Dad experience stories told by the author who has been working as a dad for 3 years

Actual father life story
From here, I would like to share with you some stories about my experience as a father. When I first started working as a dad, I was able to drink alcohol, so my dad took me to a restaurant that offered wine pairings. The father runs his own business and has connections with people from various industries, so I was able to gain knowledge that I didn't know myself and had a great time.

After finishing the meal and leaving the restaurant, perhaps feeling unsatisfied, I headed straight to a nearby wine bar. There were a lot of high-strength liqueurs and wines, so I was already very intoxicated and quickly passed out. Fortunately, my father wasn't with any other adults at the time, so he took a taxi to take me to his home because he was concerned about my health. Having experienced such a failure,

⦁ Avoid getting drunk and crashing
⦁ Prioritize your health

I am still working as a father with these two things in mind. This time's dad was a very gentlemanly man, but some people will intentionally get you drunk and try to bring you into an adult relationship, so be careful not to force yourself to drink too much and regret it.

Let's try being a dad who only eats food!

Daddy activities have an image of being difficult, but if you only do meals, there is less risk, and it is recommended for those who want to earn some pocket money or those who are new to father activities.

On the other hand, compared to daddy activities with adults, you will need to come up with ways to satisfy your father, so be sure to improve yourself and do daddy activities with a strong will that will not be swayed even if your body is demanded of you.


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