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What is the maximum age for girls to be involved in sugar daddy relationships?

What is the maximum age for girls to start sugar dating?

When people think of sugar dating, they generally imagine a combination of a young woman and a financially well-off man.
When I look at social media, I feel like the spotlight is on teenage college students and women in their twenties,
What is the reality?

To start with, let me give you the conclusion:
The oldest woman currently registered with us who has received an offer and is currently on a date is 65 years old.

We will continue to provide more details.

Age range of girls looking for sugar daddies

The above are the results of the Universe Club membership survey for 2024.
The age range of female members is from 18 to 60 years old.
Our companyThe female membersoverwhelminglyMost are in their 20s.
At the lower end, we also accept teenage women who have graduated from high school.

So, what age group are the women who actually receive offers and go on dates?

The age group that receives the most offers from our company are women in their 20s, accounting for 55.3%.

For women in their 30s, the figure is 36.7%.
The numbers are lower than those in their 20s, but I don't think the difference feels that big.

For women over 40, the figure drops sharply to 7.4%.

What's surprising is the figure of 10% among teenage girls.
I think this is simply because men want to avoid risks.
Although age and ID verification is done at the time of registration,
For example, if a high school student lies and submits the ID of his sister who looks similar to him,
It cannot be said with 100% certainty that registration can be prevented.
The men who are registered with the dating club are all of high social standing,
It makes sense that he would avoid dating teenage girls to avoid the risks.

So, for women in their teens who are thinking about trying out sugar dating,
If you care about the number of dates, we definitely recommend using an app.
However, if you are concerned about safety, we recommend a dating club.

Differences in requirements depending on age

Women's ageRequired elements
10 feeInnocent. You can enjoy a date with pure feelings. Common sense.
20 fee"I want to have fun with a young woman" - this is the age group most chosen by dads. It's a safer and smoother relationship than with teenage girls.
30 feeConversation with daddy is fun. Empathy. Class and manners. Satisfaction in bed.
40 and overThey look younger than their age and have high standards of appearance. In other respects, they are the same as those in their 30s.

Why the oldest age is attracting attention

Although it overlaps with the first
When people think of sugar dating, they generally imagine a combination of a young woman and a financially well-off man.
When you look at social media, the spotlight is on teenage college students and women in their twenties.

However, it's not just young women who are struggling with poverty.
When I interview women for registration, I often hear that their motivation for registering is "to pay for tuition fees."
I have conducted two types of interviews:

・I don't want to burden my parents or I need to repay the loan myself due to my parents' financial situation (person)
・I want to reduce the burden on my child so that he can concentrate on his studies (mother)

That's right.
Regardless of whether the woman's report is true or false, there are cases where mothers engage in sugar dating to help pay for their children's school fees.

The above is especially memorable because it surprised me.
There are many people who simply want extra money.

In this case, the question that comes to mind is, "Until what age can you continue to make money through sugar dating?"

*By the way, I searched to see what the maximum age for a prostitute is, and found that
Apparently there is an 89-year-old person here. (This information is current as of 2023.)
The video is simply entertaining, so if you don't mind, be sure to check it out.

The influence of social status and experience

Is there something in common among the women over 40 who have registered so far? This is a difficult question.

Some of them were elite career women, while others were full-time housewives.
We also hear that some people register because they "still want to be seen as women and be treated with respect as women," but this is not the case for everyone.
Some of the applicants are dissatisfied with their sex life with their partner, or to put it bluntly, are sexually curious, but of course not all of them are. There are also women over 50 who are Type A.
There also seems to be some variation in whether or not they have experience with sugar dating or night work in the past.

As mentioned above, it is difficult to point out commonalities due to social status or experience.
If I had to say one thing in common between women over 40 who are looking for sugar daddies, it would be that the women who get offers tend to be of a high standard of looks.

Stereotypes about the age of girls who are looking for sugar daddies

I often feel that people online are posting preconceived notions and assumptions about PJ's age.
For example,

・The 20s PJ is popular for its glamorous and gorgeous beauties
・PJs in their 30s and above have less demand for food and less allowances

etc. are typical.
As a member of the management staff of a sugar daddy app and dating club, this is a puzzling opinion.
The reality is that's not the case...

PJ's secret to success in sugar dating, regardless of age

It all comes down to communication.
It's easy to say, but

To face the other person and get into their heart. To have fun with this project and to make them want to see me again.

If you can do this, you will be invincible in sugar dating, regardless of your age.

On the other hand, no matter how beautiful a woman is, if she neglects to communicate with her partner, it will be difficult for the relationship to develop into a long-term one.


What did you think?
The issue of PJ's age is often a topic of debate.
What every dad wants is different.
Women in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties,
No matter what information you see on the Internet, there is no need for you to be hurt.
There is still a dad out there, somewhere, desperately looking for a partner.

If you have any concerns, why not first consult with a professional sugar daddy staff member?

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