New trends in sexuality: What is the role of fatherhood and the relationship between adults?

New trends in sexuality: What is the role of fatherhood and the relationship between adults?

As you get older, you may find yourself having more problems with your sex life.

I'm tired of having sex with my lover and I'm looking for a new encounter, but I find it difficult due to my age. In addition, his wife treats him coldly, his girlfriend's daughter hates him, and her son doesn't treat him well.
In order to relieve her daily stress and feelings of alienation, she visits sex clubs and cabaret clubs in an attempt to relieve herself.
However, this will not satisfy his sexual desire and he will not be able to escape from the paradox of his sexual situation. Based on actual reviews, we would like to introduce some of the successful experiences of people who faced such dilemmas, found new encounters using the Daddy Activity app, solved their problems by building adult relationships, and achieved fulfilling lives. Masu.

Case ① Thoughts on a typical dad date

Reference image ④ Thoughts on the dateThis kind of feedback is common on dates held in Daddy-Katsu. Since you are enjoying a pseudo-romance, the more you go on dates, the more likely you are to have a pleasant time without the cares of a lover.The more you go on dates, the more wary women will become, and you will be able to have unexpected adult relationships and wonderful pillow talk. There may be.

The question I want you to have here is“On a date with a woman you meet for the first time, it’s time to experience the kindness that would be normal for a typical woman.”When was the last time you had an experience like this? That's the question.
Those who have been working hard on their studies without worrying about anything, or those who have become so absorbed in work that they have forgotten how to fall in love, may have had fewer opportunities to experience such opportunities.

The woman's behavior was common and may have been common sense based on her own values. However, since men have more experience and are more sensitive, it felt strange. Therefore, a discrepancy arose.
This kind of frustration and searching can be said to be the real pleasure of being a dad. An experience that appears to be incomplete combustion can also be considered a success.

Because if the man hadn't experienced this date, he wouldn't have even realized the frustration he felt from being touched by kindness.

A very common date that is not an option for night service

The difference between dad-katsu and adult entertainment is that dad-katsu is a free love affair and sexual services (adult relationships) are not promised. The difference between dad-katsu and cabaret clubs is that dad-katsu is a free love relationship that involves entertainment.
If you enjoy the process of seducing a woman and developing an adult relationship, the meaning is the same, but the pleasure you feel when you fulfill many of the elements of free love, such as conversation at meals, demeanor, and exquisite consideration, is the success experience of any service. It should be worth more than that.


Start working as a dad


Case ② Relationship influenced by an excellent woman

Reference image ① Thoughts on the date
Meeting a knowledgeable woman will be of high value and will sublimate your motivation. Especially in rare cases where a woman has a different status and lifestyles do not intersect with yours, a man will start asking for a relationship with a woman, and before you know it, you will be hooked.
The man is in a trance state as the encounter with the woman begins to have an impact on his life, and it can be predicted that the fever will infect his work and private life, completing the perfect cycle.

Have you ever experienced this kind of psychological situation? I think it's similar to the situation I experienced when I was a junior high and high school student when I had my first love, or when I was a new member of society and experienced setbacks.
Daddy activities are a new communication tool in modern society that reminds us of excitement and excitement, not just the relationship between adults, but the process of getting there.

A new communication tool that affects growth experiences

In a society where there are many restrictions on compliance, dad-hunting has the power to have a negative impact on one's private life, as the saying goes, ``Love is blind.'' I think this is a way to take advantage of the situation where you are seen as being certain.
Adult relationships play an important role in communicating with Generation Z in a relaxed manner, listening to their true feelings, and maintaining a good relationship. Adult relationships, so-called sex, are an important exchange of information, and by accepting the other person, you become closer emotionally. This can also be considered as necessary marketing to learn about Generation Z women.

In fact, there are many cases where people find it difficult to communicate with people of different ages.Persol Research Institute   According to a survey, people in their 50s and 60s feel that they can speak their true feelings, but those in their 20s and 30s tend to be less likely to feel that way.There may be a gap in mutual understanding, and the way to solve this is through dialogue. It has been.
If you ignore compliance, it can be said that an adult relationship is by far the fastest method.

The role of fatherhood, which is controversial

Date status

The image of father-hunting from society's perspective is no different from prostitution. However, in reality, it has increased the happiness of users and enriched their private lives, and there is a possibility that the barriers to communication with Generation Z can be resolved if they develop into adult relationships.
It is becoming a tool to solve the problems of men in their 40s and 50s, and it can even be expected to have the effect of making work smoother.

What is the original role of a father?"Communication tool that transcends generational barriers"I think it should be. So why do you smoke?

I think the reason is that it is ``highly risky and dangerous.'' Sex shops and cabaret clubs are managed by the shop, so you can feel safe and trustworthy. In comparison, dad-hunting is a free love affair, and adult relationships are not protected because they are an extension of love. Therefore, there is concern as the risk of trouble is high and tends to lead to incidents.
PATOLO is an application that can only be used by managed users (passed registration screening). It continues to have an effective impact on the lives of its users by fulfilling its original role as a father. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

transcend generations

Adult relationships = ultimate self-management

There may be times when things aren't going well at work or in your personal life and you find it difficult to stay motivated and want to give up. In order to overcome this situation, I think people will try various things such as challenges, self-development, learning, and going out at night.
I think these are areas of self-management, but they are not really important as they may take time or may not go well. However, when it comes to relationships between adults when it comes to being a dad, by interacting with women who are a different generation from you, you can clarify and regulate your own position.
In other words, understanding yourself can help you be more productive and have a healthier mental state. Medicines that cannot be obtained even with expensive prescriptions. The so-called secret medicine will be found through experience as a father.

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