Mysteries of daddy apps that men don't know 2024

Dad activity app mystery 2024


“Mystery of the Daddy Activity App”


Hello. At the Universe Club, I noticed that Miyoshi was a staff member for 8 years.
I myself have registered with several dad-hunting apps.
The latest apps are amazing! It's full of features and easy to use, and I feel safe knowing that each company has come up with ways to reduce problems.
However, unlike a dating club, it is unique to an app.

“What kind of phenomenon is this?”


There are some things I think about.
Today I would like to share with you some questions that men usually don't ask about women.



"1. Young and handsome men are registering."


No, here's the Daddy Activity app.
Many refreshingly handsome men in their 20s are registering.
Most of the profiles don't seem like they have much money to spare.

This is not impossible; in fact, there are high-income male members in their 20s in dating clubs.
But really only a small part.
The number of app registrations is abnormal.

I think most of them are romance scams.
Should I show my face like this and register on the app? That doesn't really make sense to me.

And apart from being a regular matching app for finding a lover,
It's scary to think that they are also expanding into dad activity apps...
If there is another possibility

・Net pick-up
・I am looking for a woman who is cheaper than adult entertainment.


Is it something like that?
Regarding romance scams,

・Are you trying to make a lot of money by targeting women who are making money as dads? (In a host sense.)


It's a niche idea, but I'm thrilled that it seems possible.

In a world where pseudo-romance is a business, I think women are more likely to get into it and spend a lot of money.
Riri-chan, the girl who got it, has become a hot topic because she committed a crime.
From Yahoo News >>

It is still common for women who become addicted to hosting to work in the sex industry to pay the bills.
There are women who are registered with dating clubs who have similar circumstances.

Women are more likely to fall into poverty due to global gender disparities.
Japan has one of the largest gender disparities among developed countries.
Even if the name changes, the father life will not disappear.
It's terrifying to think that there are men out there trying to make money within that system.
I don't have any feeling that men are to blame or women are to blame, but
(What is bad is not a gender problem, but an individual's behavior. The idea is that women can be evil or men can be evil, depending on the compatibility between the two, so there is no such thing as one being evil.)
I think this probably means that there are a certain number of men in this world who think that being a dad is easy and makes a lot of money.Women are cunning.



2. There are men who only want to send messages.


This is also a real mystery.
A man who doesn't want to meet but just wants to send a message.
I wonder if the message is being checked somehow? That's what I thought, but apparently that's not the case.
The exchange isn't particularly erotic. There are no particularly probing questions, and there are no questions that make you want to know more about the other person.
It doesn't seem like he's looking for comfort or excitement.
"Good morning" "Hello" "Good night" "The cherry blossoms are beautiful!" "I'm sure it will be sunny tomorrow"
It's been like this for 2 weeks.
Even if you try sending a long message, you will receive a one-word reply. Even if you leave it alone, they will contact you again.


What? ? ?


This person was special, but there are a certain number of other men who want to meet up after sending multiple messages.
There are many things where I feel like my reaction is being tested.
I'm sure there are a lot of girls who are active dads who fade out quickly.
I understand that you only want to meet the woman you really want, so I think each person has their own strategy.


And back to the topic, about men who only want to send messages just to say hello.
Why is this man doing this?
I thought about it in my own way,


・I feel lonely easily and always want to message someone. When I match with a new woman, I send her messages at random.


I surmised that he might be the type to be easily dependent on humans.
Also, there are some people who say, "I only date one person. I'm always looking for the next insurance policy."
I have never had a situation where such people did not check the terms and conditions.
For me, who only knew about dating clubs,
It was a new discovery that this is a fun way to enjoy texting that is unique to an app that allows you to send messages for free (or at a low price).


"3. There is demand even for women who only want food."

When you watch X, you will find out how to spot a woman who pretends to be an adult but is actually a fraud! And,

Women who want to attract food as much as possible VS men who want to have a quick adult relationship

I feel that the composition is like this,
When I actually registered the app by myself, (all as requesting only meals)
I was surprised to receive the invitation.
When setting up a date at a dating club,
If one woman receives 1 offers at the same time, it will be flooded! I feel that.
Women who only want a meal are of the opinion that it would be great if they received just one offer.
If it's an app, you'll receive invitations from 10 people in no time.

However, I wonder if they just send messages at random without looking at their profiles? There are many men who say that.
Even though I've written on my profile that I only want food, if someone mentions an adult in the first message, I don't feel like replying.
At first, I politely responded to each person one by one, but
Men who contact me without looking at this profile,
When I tell them (as per my profile) that I just want food, they usually stop responding.
So now I have stopped replying from the beginning.

Even if you exclude such rude people, there are many invitations.
Some men will meet you and ask you to be an adult, but it's normal for them to invite you out for dinner after the second meeting.
This was honestly surprising. Is it because with an app, there is no setup fee each time, so the hurdle to making an offer is lowered?
If I were to register for another company's social club as only requesting meals, there is a high possibility that I would be rejected.
Even if you are able to register, you will most likely not receive an offer.
Since there are many users of the app, the scope of protection may be wider than that of dating club users.

So, if there is a woman who pretends to be an adult,
We recommend that you act openly and not as a fraud.
Honestly, it would be less tiring and more enjoyable for you to be active as a father if you only worked on meals.


Today's conclusion

Apps are more in demand than dating clubs for women who only want food.
(Extremely beautiful women also get offers at clubs, so you can avoid trouble at clubs.)


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