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The pros and cons of being a dad

Sugar daddy is a form of communication involving age differences (and it also involves sex and money), so
Those who are already using apps or dating clubs to find a sugar daddy may feel frustrated every day,
Even if you are thinking about getting started, I think it takes courage to take the first step.

Besides, it's hard to talk about sugar dating with people around you.
In this article, Miyoshi, a sugar daddy staff member with 8 years of experience, will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of choosing sugar daddy as a means to an end.

Reasons for choosing P-Katsu

The reasons for sugar dating vary from person to person, but there are some commonalities.

Women: I want money
Male: I want to have a relationship with a female of my type

This is it, isn't it?

So, let's start here.
We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of sugar dating for both men and women.

The pros and cons of working at night for women

The reason why women engage in sugar dating is because they want money

But there are other options when you want money.
I guess it depends on how desperate you are.
in short,

[By when (period) and how much (amount) is needed]

I think the options will change depending on that.
In particular,

・Delivery health
・Chat lady
・Men's beauty salon
・Sugar daddy
・Live streaming
・Side jobs other than night-time work (affiliate marketing, flea market apps, content sales, etc.)

The above options are possible:
The reason why there are so many night-time options is"Because it's reliable and efficient."

It's hard for even men to earn money in Japan these days. The rate of non-regular employment for men is finally on the rise.
As we all know, it is even harder for women to earn money.
And to get a high-paying job, you need high skills.
The same goes for side jobs other than night-time.
If it's something that anyone can do, the wages are low,
To earn a wage that exceeds your regular salary, you need superior skills.
Even if people have the ability, they often end up exhausted just trying to find a place where they can use their abilities.

According to a survey by doda, only 10% of people earn more than 15.9 yen a month from a side job.
That's a lot, I think I could do it too, but...
The fact that 0% of people have a monthly income between 1 and 44.5 yen is a point that cannot be ignored.
The reason why less than 10% of men and women have a side job is

・My main job is already too much for me (physically difficult, I don't have time)
・I don't want to do it if I can only earn less than 1 yen a month even if I cut down on holidays

I think the reason is that the majority of people think like this.

Some women may decide to just give up and focus on their main job.
Some women will look for ways to make money.
In that case, it's the same now as it was in the past.
As a way for the majority of women to earn money,
They tend to choose the option of selling sex.
This is because if you are young and have a certain level of looks, you can make money reliably in a short amount of time.

So, what happens when a woman with a permanent job wants more money than her salary?
Let's assume that half of the women considered working at night.
Then, how will the options be determined?

"I want to get a lot of money right now"
In such cases, many people choose soaplands or delivery health services, which may actually be a good option.
If you have good looks and good communication skills, you may be able to make money working in a cabaret club or lounge.

There seem to be cases where women who are not confident about their looks, were not able to make enough money at the club, want to avoid the chores that come with being employed at a club, or find relationships with staff and other performers troublesome choose to work as streetwalkers.

[Soapland/Delivery Health]

BenefitYou can earn money efficiently. You have more free time, so you can use it for what you want.
Demerit・It's easy to disrupt your daily routine.
Large number of people available
(Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Heavy physical burden. An environment where self-esteem is easily damaged.)

"I can get by on my current salary, but if I had an extra 5 yen a month, I could spend it on beauty, having fun, and saving."
In that case, you are not in a desperate situation,
We tend to look for ways to earn a wage by avoiding things we don't like.
If you are considering working at night,

I don't want to engage in sexual activity
・I want to avoid being identified
・I want to earn money quickly in a short period of time

The points above are important. It depends on what you value, but
Popular choices include girls bars, chat ladies, and men's beauty salons (wholesome).

[Girls bar, chat lady, men's beauty salon]

Benefit・Easy-going work environment (often free to attend work and no designated quotas)
-Low risk of sexually transmitted diseases
DemeritIt's hard to make a lot of money

The pros and cons of women becoming sugar daddies

So what about sugar dating?
The key point is the freedom of sugar dating.

BenefitYou can choose who you date
・Because it is an individual activity, the amount is not uniform,
Sometimes, incredible Cinderella stories actually happen.
This is possible even if the person is not particularly beautiful or is over 30 years old.
DemeritIf any trouble occurs, you basically have to deal with it on your own.
・There are fewer women who can earn money compared to the sex industry
・Not suitable for women who want to earn money right now

I have interviewed 700 women so far, and the percentage of women who are motivated to work is as follows:

"I want to get a lot of money right now" - 10%
"I can get by on my current salary, but I wish I had an extra XXX a month" - 90%

The above is my impression.
However, at first, I started out with the idea of ​​"I wish I had 5 yen a month to spare."
It seems that by the time people register, their thinking has often changed to, "If I'm going to be a sugar baby, I need to be able to earn 20 yen a month."
Many people also say, "I'm only thinking about providing food, so I'm not asking for too much. I'd be happy if I could earn about 10 yen a month."

To put it simply, if you are only looking for meals at a dating club, there will be almost no demand unless you are exceptionally good looking, charming, and have good conversation skills.
If you get invited out on a date once, that's amazing! (The woman's monthly income, including transportation costs, is 1 to 5,000 yen)
If you get invited five times, that's amazing! (It's a hot topic within the company.)
That's the feeling of temperature.

Because there is no setup fee for apps and the users are different from those of dating clubs,
There is a demand for girls looking for a meal-only sugar daddy from dating clubs.
However, as the sugar daddy girls with many followers on social media say,
It's best to think that stories like "I received 5 yen just for a meal" or "I received a brand-name gift" are only stories from celebrities.
It's not impossible, but it's difficult unless your dad really likes you.
To give you an idea of ​​how likely it is, the repeatability is about 0.01%, or 1 in 1 dates.
It's best to assume that it will be difficult unless you are particularly well liked by him than other women.

The reason why men engage in sugar dating is because they want to have a relationship with a woman who is their type.
This is especially effective when you want to get "intimate" with a woman and have a sexual relationship.

Benefit・Meet "ordinary women"
-Build relationships as individuals, not as customers
Demerit- Women may reject you when dating them
・It takes more time and money than prostitution
・Unlike romantic relationships, there is a certain degree of distance between the two parties.

・If you want to have sex at a good price, I definitely recommend a soapland instead of sugar dating.
・If you are somewhat familiar with sugar dating and want good value for money, we recommend using a sugar dating app.
・If you are worried about how to invite an adult, we recommend a dating club.

If you have been looking for a sugar daddy for more than six months but have not found a stable partner or have not met someone you are satisfied with, we recommend that you consult with our staff.

There are times when it is better to correct the way you do things,
It's possible that sugar dating wasn't the right answer.

For example, if what a man is looking for is a friendship or romantic experience that he was not satisfied with during his school days,
This is not a dating site that matches petite lovers,
A rental girlfriend whose main purpose is to satisfy the desire for approval may be the right answer,
The answer may be to join a hobby club and interact with others.


When you go on a sugar dating date, you can sometimes have incredibly moving experiences and encounters that will stay in your heart.
However, because sugar dating is an individual activity, it may take some time before you meet the person you want.
Furthermore, there is a chance that sugar dating may not fulfill your wishes in the first place.

If in doubt, consult a professional.

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