June 26, 2024

[Sugar Daddy App] Can you make money with PATOLO? Actual dating reviews revealed!

\Here's what you'll find out in this column👇/

  • What is PATOLO?
  • About PATOLO
  • Reviews from users who have actually dated
  • Examples of positive reviews from men to women
  • Good reviews from women to men
  • Negative comments from men to women
  • Negative comments from women to men
  • Summary of this review

What is PATOLO?

PATOLOis based in major cities across the country.Dating clubThis is a sugar daddy (web) app released by the Universe Group!
PATOLO-affiliated Universe Club and other social clubs use the same platform.

Affiliated storesProviding a service that can only match members with each otherdoing.

This is a relatively new service that was released in June 2023.

As of May 24.5th, we currently have 1 active users!

Approximately 700 new female members join the club each month.,Number of male members: 100About weak.

This is recommended for women who want to use a sugar daddy app safely.


I will now explain some of the differences and characteristics between PATOLO and dating clubs.

Patro is neither an app nor a dating club. I would like to explain it in detail.

They say you need to know everything first!

Meeting fee: "Not available"" can be avoided.

Advance payment is required when booking a date.

Therefore, in order to go on a date, you must first pay the meeting fee (tip) according to the system specifications.
Common issues with sugar daddy apps"I didn't get it!" "I forgot to get it!"There is no need to worry about that.

All users are members of the social club

Apps that are generally referred to as sugar daddy apps are also home to men looking for romantic partners and users who do not understand the purpose of the apps.
PATOLO is an app that is "specialized for sugar dating," so you can rest assured that it is only available to members of the dating club who have had an interview with a staff member when registering.

You can set a meeting fee and negotiate it via message.

What makes this app different from other sugar daddy apps is that women can set the amount for the first date.
Men also check the tip amount and make an offer only after they are satisfied with it, so there are no problems.
If you wish, you can also let each other know in advance the amount of your desired dating allowance.

Reviews from users who have actually dated

Check out the reviews from real users who have been on dates.
This will be reflected as a rating on each user's profile, which you cannot see.
While you may receive a positive review, you may also write a negative one to warn people to be careful of them.

You will receive realistic content.

\Past feedback articles are here/

Examples of positive reviews from men to women

Here are some of the most highly rated reviews we received!
We will introduce them regularly.

We have posted reviews from men who give their reasons, and it seems like there are some common threads among the women who give good ratings.

It goes without saying, but people pay more attention to the real thing than how it looks in a photo!

Good reviews from women to men

Here are some positive reviews from women to men.
We have received many more, but we are posting those that provide information about the background of the dates.

There seem to be some common traits among men who are popular with beautiful women.

The impression is that the company is highly rated because of the high allowances and the many respectable aspects of its work.!

Negative comments from men to women

Even though it's a sugar daddy app, there are all kinds of people depending on compatibility.
Also take a look at the negative reviews.

Canceling at the last minute without any notice is really bad so it's not good...

Negative comments from women to men

Here are some negative reviews from women to men:
We have also carefully selected items that include detailed information.

It is clear that both men and women who receive bad reviews have a reason for doing so, or there are clear reasons why they felt they were not a good fit.

The essence comes out in the small things...

Summary of this review

We found that there is both good and bad feedback about sugar dating.
To summarise the factors that got positive reviews from users this time:

Reasons why women who are highly rated by men are considered "good"

Why are women rated so poorly by men given this rating?

Why men who are highly rated by women are considered good

  • Lots of topics and interesting
  • Allowances are bouncing
  • Respect for women
  • Everything from the exchange to the meeting is smooth

Why men are rated so poorly by women

  • They won't let me go home
  • Alcohol changes your personality
  • The allowance is low
  • Invades private parts

I hope you can take any information you can into consideration and take measures to receive a good evaluation!

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