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I'm Seki from the PATOLO business department.

This time, I will talk about the matching app after the dad activity app.

I received a question, so I would like to upload it here with my predictions✨

If possible, I would appreciate it if you could consider using PATOLO.



Matching app I can't meet at all
I started looking for a lover, but as soon as I sent a face photo, I didn't get a reply.

It's not cute, so my self-affirmation is going down.

But I have one question,
People always compliment me on my looks.

why am i not getting any reply?
Even though I'm sending you a picture with makeup properly.

As a member, what kind of person would you like to reply to?

















So what I mean is


Even those who feel that there is no demand for matching apps

There is a possibility that it is very popular in the daddy area

thing I said.





The self-image you think of yourself and how you see it from others

objective images never match,



So my love life didn't go so well.

It doesn't go very well with Pikatsu.



With that in mind, about encounters in different types and neighborhoods

"Will it work?"

Don't worry about it, it's OK (*^^*)/



Look forward to seeing you next time✨

Yuna Seki


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