[True story manga] I met Mr. P from ①

Hello, this is Seki from patolo support.

For the first time since being assigned to this department, via Twitter

Is it okay to say sales and face-to-face meeting with Mr. P?

We interviewed him.



No, I learned a lot.

It was too much.

I had no choice but to learn.

He was the type of person who wanted to put as much as possible into his manga.

The text ends here.


As for this person, I'm not the only one.

I would like other p's, pj's, and the entire industry to use this as a reference.

There were so many things that came to mind, so I decided to make it into a series.

This is a decision.


Due to dogma and prejudice...


What is this way of passing it?

I was impressed. Only the fiercest can do this.

what? Serious and frightened.


I would like to summarize the merits of this in bullet points in a tweet.

Well, my whole family is down with a fever, so I'll leave it here.

Have a nice day.



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