[Illustration] I went on a blind date with X


Hello everyone, Yahoo!

I want to be close to everyone (is it an idol? Or is it something like an idol?), so I say my true feelings.



I'm burnt out.


I had been working very hard recently and felt unwell, so I decided to

Completely burnt out.


Ahaha, I don't feel like doing it, but for now I'll update SNS and write here.

Oh, when I feel like I can't do this anymore (like yesterday)


I'm gracefully leaving work early, which is great.

I'll be working all day long when I'm riding, so please forgive me...



I went to a dad-hunting party!


In short, it's super! it was fun!

Really x (old Twitter)? The more I think about it, the more I think about the good people.

I want to praise myself for having collected so much.




Well, if you include cough, it's 5:4...!

Before that, I was most worried about whether he would come on the day or not.

I was also preparing to suppress it...!



No one canceled.

I was honestly surprised, this was the biggest thing for me.




👇Now let's get started.



``Please plan something to promote PATOLO and create a track record of carrying it out.

That will be the subject of evaluation. Please come up with a plan where people can join or register using a special link, rather than go and pick one up.

Oh, please don't incur any expenses. ”




 At that time“Troublesome!”I clicked my tongue and left it alone, but

After I started to feel that it would lead to evaluation, I actively increased the number of posts for off-line meetings and women's meetings.

“I would love to meet Oseki-chan.” Surprisingly, I started hearing comments from my followers one after another.



As a “PATOLO public relations department staff member or someone inside,” sooner or later I will actually meet my followers,

“Doing something” offline can increase awareness with this dirt,


I feel that it will be necessary in order for more people to know about the person called ``Oseki''.

I made a plan with a friend who is a daddy girl.


I'm actively broadcasting my space, trying to get people to know about the existence of coughs, and holding dad-hunting parties.

I was trying to come up with a plan that seemed interesting, so I worked hard every day to coordinate the plan, selecting restaurants and creating open chats.



The most difficult part was selecting the people.

Since we were recruiting within the x community, it took us a considerable amount of time to select people based on my rule of rejecting people who looked suspicious or whose tweets were radical.

There were many people who wanted to participate by making secrets.


“I apologize for the behind-the-scenes comments.”If you refuse, the person who says a throwaway line,

There were also people who created another plaque and tried again with the exact same text.



Honestly, I'm tired.

Interacting with people who are sarcastic or sarcastic can wear you down before you know it.



Some people went directly to talk to people who seemed okay with the content of the post.

Of course, there were also people who requested to participate directly and sent their photos to the public, and I had other people take pictures of the girls as well.

There were also women who sent me so-called photo shoots, which I was very grateful for since there are men who pay for them.



It became one of the deciding factors, and it was difficult to say things like this,

I realized that these are the kind of kids who do everything they can even if you don't say anything, and the words and actions they take to seize opportunities will lead to something new.


Then, the days passed (and didn't) again, and my mind and health changed from a warm winter to a winter.

This is a relapse of the rare winter illness.



To be honest, I didn't know if I would be able to hold the event.

to be continued



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