PATOLO has technical terms

The WBC the other day was a blast!
Oh, it's boxing, not baseball.
A new type of matching "Investment love" PATOLO business department, I'm Shunichi Matsuzaka from the Nazeem Hamed faction from Lars Nootvar (*^^*)


Since November last year, I have had interviews with representatives of 11 companies.
I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to start with the sudden phone call.


Thank you very much for deciding to join the 14 companies that joined us this time, at the development stage before release.
If you are ready, we will meet you online or in person to explain how to use it, so please take care of it.
We are also planning a start-up campaign with only benefits, so please look forward to it (*^^*)


In fact, PATOLO has a term called PATOLO terminology


man → supporter
Female → Talent
transportation fee → tip
date → session
Daddy activity → Investment love


will be rephrased respectively.


I'm not used to this name at all, but will it become established someday? .
Whether it takes root or not depends on PATOLO's success...
I will do my best to blow a new wind in the papa-katsu industry, no, in the investment romance industry, so please continue to support me!


Shunichi Matsuzaka


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