I have received a report⚠

Always I am indebted.
This is Matsuzaka from PATRO Support.


PATORO has a function to report the other party, butvarious reports.


So, what kind of news do you have?

"The other person hasn't come to the meeting place."
``He told me he couldn't come at the meeting time for no reason.''
"Suddenly I couldn't contact you."

This is what is called a sudden cancellation.
There is a 10% chance of same-day cancellations, including last-minute cancellations.


I don't think it can be reduced to zero, but if I were to take some measures,

Members themselves will confirm with the other party the day before and on the day.
Franchisees will post in the comments any concerns they may have about past interview or date cancellations.
I think it's better to avoid a surprise cancellation than to do nothing.


By the way, there is a member I know who had his application canceled five times in a row in the past.
No matter how terrible the reason was, it was canceled suddenly.
“It’s okay, I might have run into some kind of trouble.”
"That means we're not meeting today."
As you say, there are men like Buddha in this industry.


In order to become a Buddha, even if I have to go to a temporary cancellation and eat meals alone,

This is a great opportunity to focus on taste!

I spend my time thinking that.


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