The alarms don't stop ringing⚠

Always I am indebted.
This is Matsuzaka from PATRO Support.

ReportIs the sequel to.
PATORO has a function to report the other party, but we receive various reports every day.

“Mr. ●●, how much allowance would you like?”
“If I were to have an adult relationship, I would like something like ●.What do you think?”

This is what is called allowance negotiation.

was previously prohibited
Allowance negotiations in chat will be lifted from October 2023, 10
So it's okay to negotiate now.

your partner in advance
"I want to know your hope."

to your partner
"I want to tell you."

Now it is possible to
The club staff won't tell you.
Those who had given up

Negotiate directly with the other partyI hope you will.

Negotiations between members are possible, but the club cannot answer any questions regarding allowances, so please refrain from making inquiries to staff.


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